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The Advantages of Playing

2583 day ago

There are a lot of activities we can engage in when playing with children since playing is not just limited to the younger generations. Adults tend to enjoy playing too, to unwind and relax from their busy and hectic schedules. Playing can be for everyone, young and old, so never Read more...

Fun Party Ideas for Kids

2583 day ago

We all have different ideas when it comes to children’s parties; some want it simple, elegant, fancy, and some prefer themed parties instead. To give you a few tips on how to make your kids’ event fun and exciting, here are a few fun ideas that will go perfectly for Read more...

Keep Your Kids More Active with More Toys

2584 day ago

Based on a research done by University at Buffalo (UB), children are more physically active when they are presented with a more selection of toys they would have. Children usually choose a few toys to play with and this limits their active play. When they are given more than four Read more...

Playing is Learning

2587 day ago

While adults spend much of their time practicing their day-to-day skills through their studies, professions and other responsibilities in life, children spend much of their time playing, which is normal and actually good for them. Through playing, children develop their mental health and social skills as they practice their cognitive Read more...

How Outdoor Fun and Playtime Affect Your Kids

2590 day ago

Many studies have proven that playing outside have more benefits for children. They don’t say that indoor games are necessarily bad, but playing outside plays an important role in multiple development of a child. In a study, Ginsburg (2007) concluded that children have higher tendency to become more active, creative Read more...

Get Your Kids Off the Gadgets

2592 day ago

We know how frustrating it is to see your kids sitting down for hours in front of a computer or a cell phone. Today’s easy life – one click, one swipe, one command and one touch scheme does not benefit us entirely. It comes with some negative consequences, too. More Read more...

Get Yourself and Your Kids Something New

2594 day ago

Sometimes it really takes time to find something new to give your child. With Original Copter toys, you can definitely find something unique for your child. The toys may not be that different from its kind in terms of usage, but its design is of a superb quality, making it Read more...

Take the Game Higher

2597 day ago

If you enjoyed our Original Copter, you will surely find this new toy even more exciting. Our set called the Ultra Fun Pack contains 9 whistle copters equipped with maxi sling-shots and improved launchers. What makes our Ultra Fun Pack different from a regular Original Copter?   Compared to the Read more...

Unique Crowns for Your Kid’s Party

2600 day ago

If you’re having a hard time thinking of a new party craze, then you don’t need to worry anymore. Our crowns – Princess, Happy Birthday, and King – are your ideal choices to light up the party. Every kid would surely want to get one. The crown alone can light Read more...

It’s More Fun with Original Copter

2602 day ago

Playing is a must for kids, adults, and even the elderly! Playing is a natural medication to loneliness, depression, and other negative emotions built within us. It is also a stress reliever. In one study, children who play outdoors have better self-control and feel much more fulfilled than those who Read more...

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