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Happy Birthday Crowns or Prince or King Original Copter Toys

3232 day ago

If your little one has a birthday coming up, then the perfect favor for parties is the amazing crown from the great manufacturer that brought you Original Copter. These crowns feature a colorful and attractive glow that is the ideal way to make any little princess sparkle on her special day.

With 5 different colors, you could purchase just one for the birthday girl, or choose to purchase a multipack so that there are enough crowns for all the party guests.

You can purchase crowns for your birthday king too. These attractive blue crowns are just what your child needs to feel special on his birthday.

All the Original Copter illuminated crowns feature font on the front. You can choose from “happy birthday”, “Princess”, or “King”. All the crowns have 3 different modes that can be selected with the simple press of a button.

These crowns are designed to fit both children and adults and are made from both fabric and plastic. If you wish, the batteries in the crowns can be replaced when they wear out as they use standard button batteries. They are also very lightweight and comfortable enough to wear for the duration of a party. Unlike other party hats, you can be sure that these hats will actually be worn.

When you choose the crown from Original Copter, you can be sure to not only receive a high quality product, but a great party hat that looks excellent in photographic memories. These cute, stylish and modern looking crowns are sure to be a hit at your party.

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