Whistlecopter® is embodied in US Patent No 9279646
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we are the Whistle copter and Original Copter

We aimed at perfection and have the best flying copter. We want our customers to be totally satisfied after every sale. We are the genuine whistle copter Original Copter. Our Original Copter are made up of original quality rubber and plastic and are very durable and posses great longevity. No one can compete at any cost with our Original Copter.. We are Original Copter.
Our Original Copter wings are made from a very hard durable plastic and will never break. Once folded to the correct position the wings will stay that way and hold their crease. They will never flap in the wind as all copies do. Without sturdy wings made out of very durable plastic your copter ride is short lived and you will never attain the 200 foot ride that our Original Copter gives you. Your copter will never hover at maximum height before descending. Our led light is the brightest so our Original Copter really does look like fireworks in the sky.
And they never possess the range and benefits that our Original Copter does. Be careful about those fraudulent services that are not ours and using our name or our brand name to sell their products in the market just to entice you. Beware of those cheap knockoffs. We don’t have any personal link with them and we don’t even know them. We are the Original Copter and have the brightest led light and our Original Copter will not break as all the knockoffs or copies do. We are the genuine Original Copter, and we believe in our services and we work for our customers not for ourselves.

Bored of indoor games? Looking for something special that can give you a feeling of pleasure outside your home? Enjoy with your favorite Original Copter toy, equally for youngsters and adults alike. Buy them for your personal use or call 305-785-4048 if you would like to become a vendor!! We do not have vendor wholesale prices on our site.

Whistle Copter

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