Whistlecopter® is embodied in US Patent No 9279646
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    Miami FL, USA

    We are Whistlecopter embodied by Patent and Original Copter! If you would like to become a vendor or if you just want to give us a suggestion do it here. We invented the Original Copter and Whistlecopter! All other Whistlecopters in the USA that you may see are copies of ours and will never perform like ours do. They are also infringing. If they are using the words Original Copter or Whistlecopter to entice you just refuse because they are of inferior quality. We are the only makers and distributors and wholesalers of Whistlecopters and Original Copters. This is our brand and label; all other copters using that name are copies. You will never find our product in stores unless it says Whistlecopter or Original Copter on the wings and on the label.

    Please beware of such fraudulent companies that are cheating using our name and our brand and offering low quality products using the name Whistlecopter or Original Copter to entice you. They are of bad quality and you must know that you really do get what you pay for.

    Our services are easily available in the United States including Hawaii and Alaska. We work hard for our customers delivering our product by priority mail insured and doing everything possible to make our clients happy. Our wings are made from a very hard durable plastic and will never break. Once folded to the correct position the wings will stay that way and hold their crease. They will never flap in the wind as all copies do.

    Without sturdy wings made out of very durable plastic your copter ride is short lived and you will never attain the 200 feet ride that our Whistle copter and Original Copter gives you. Your copter will never hover at maximum height before descending. Our led light is the brightest so our Whistle copter and Original Copter really does look like fireworks in the sky. Our Whistlecopter also whistles on the way up.

    Our led copters both Whistlecopter and Original Copter are for both youngsters as well as adults. We care for you so it’s our responsibility to assure you great value for your money. So please contact us if you have any problem at all. Orders will ship out the same day once payment is cleared and will reach you within 2 to 3 days in most states in the USA.

    If you have any questions regarding our products; or if you aren’t satisfied with something; please post a suggestion. Feel free to contact us by E-mail or call the following number 305-785-4048 if you would like to know vendor led copter wholesale prices. We would love to hear from you:

    Whistle Copter

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