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Whistlecopter has the Highest Quality Led Copter Toy Available, We Guarantee it!  Our Led Copter has a Patent and Whistles on the way up and is regarded by every-one as the Best LED Copter on the market.  Our competitors usually just copy us! There are cheap versions that will break after hitting the ground or even when the wing slightly touches the launcher handle when launching!  The Whistle Copter Led Copter cannot be matched and look like Fireworks in the sky and do not have these problems with their unique material design.  We use the highest grade plastic in our Led Copter wing design. Each Led Copter is individually packaged and contains our exclusive Viper LAUNCHER with 7 inch red rubber band. Each Led Copter has its own instruction card, and batteries ready for a great flight, each individually packaged Led Copter is then put in a 3 or 4 pack. Also only Whistlecopter Led Copters have differently designed wings in each 3 pack or 4 pack for a new experience each time you launch a new led copter. Our Led Copter Toy with its Patent have always adhered to providing the highest quality and is the Best Led Copter on the market. We are the only Led Copter with a Patent as far as we know! No one comes close to attaining the 200-250 foot flight in the air that our unique Viper launcher with 7 inch rubber band and our Led Copters get.

Our Led Copter Toys are made of the Highest Grade Materials and look like Rockets in the sky but we really pride ourselves on being the evolutionary brand always looking how to improve our design to always be the Best LED Copter.  We are often told by all our customers that we have the Highest Flying Led Copter Toy of any led copters on the market.  We also have Vendors in most States in the USA.  You can be a Vendor of the best led copter today! Look carefully at Our Whistle Copter’s (Whistles on the way Up) Newest Wing Designs that produce a fireworks effect in the Sky at Night!  No Other LED Copter is Brighter in the Sky!

Let us know if you want to Sell The only LED Copter Whistle Copter with a Patent ! Hence no Competition!  

During the Nights, Where ever there’s People, the Whistlecopter Led Copters Sell!

 Would you like to make extra cash Selling the Hottest Led Copter Nighttime Toy that looks like fireworks in the sky and Whistles on the way up? Why settle for Less ? We have many Customers making hundreds of dollars per night by just Launching The Led Copter Whistle copter in the sky where there are people around.  By the Beach, at a Festival or Any Nighttime Event, Our led Copter can make you lots of money while having a fun! We are the First Led Copter that Whistle’s on the way up hence the Patent. We are the very best no one comes close! There were no other Led Copters that have our Viper Launcher with a seven inch rubber band. Before us all other Led Copters had four inch rubber bands; most of the other companies just imitate us! Check our posts and reviews on face book! We are the Highest Quality Led Copter Toy so our customers have hours of fun! The Whistle Copter and Original Copter are the Best LED Copter Toys by all reviews!

The Whistle Copter Has a Patent and Whistles on the Way Up!

1. Add the best quality Wings that Will not Break and create the Highest Flights and the Longest Float Times.
2. Add a Brighter LED light and Higher Quality Batteries than other brands.
3. Most important all Our Packages either four or three packs have different colored Led Copters in each with their own unique wing design for Added Pleasure. Whistle Copter and Original  Copter have Wing Designs that companies like to imitate or copy!!!
4. We have the most exact  Folding Lines for longer Float Times, having a straight fold at the top to help slow the spin and hover longer and a slant at the bottom at the perfect angle! 
5. Very Very unique Packaging!

Whistle Copter

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