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How Outdoor Fun and Playtime Affect Your Kids

3130 day ago

Many studies have proven that playing outside have more benefits for children. They don’t say that indoor games are necessarily bad, but playing outside plays an important role in multiple development of a child.
In a study, Ginsburg (2007) concluded that children have higher tendency to become more active, creative and imaginative when playing outside. Paul E. Starling (2011) conducted “An investigation of Unstructured Play in Nature and Its Effect on Children’s Self-Efficacy” that generally confirmed Ginsburg’s study.

True to most children today, unstructured play is not much common. Most children have been given a toy or play area. Unstructured play means letting the children play with the things they see in their environment. On Starling’s study, it was focused on unstructured play with nature, such as taking children into different locations like wooded banks, shallow creeks, and forested areas. Starling has concluded that children often work together in creating toys and play on different places.

Moreover, it showed that the children in the study demonstrated ingenuity, problem-solving skills and social skills. These children tend to be more creative and helpful with each other. It also proved that these children had a positive relationship with nature, being more careful with their surroundings and the animals they encounter. More importantly, the children remained consistently active – physically and mentally engaging with their playmates and their environment.

Original Copter offers you interesting toys to convince your kids to play outdoors. Original Copter toys are designed to match the interest of kids with “new innovations”, but does not restrict them from outside play. Matching a flying toy with LED bulb, the Whistle copter will not fail to amaze your kids, especially at night. The toy is reusable and is easy to use. It allows your child to have fun running around an open space, letting the Original Copter fly and fall.



Your kid will definitely be physically active and amaze with Whistle copter. This is just one of the cool toys the Original Copter offers.

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