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Get Your Kids Off the Gadgets

3092 day ago

We know how frustrating it is to see your kids sitting down for hours in front of a computer or a cell phone. Today’s easy life – one click, one swipe, one command and one touch scheme does not benefit us entirely. It comes with some negative consequences, too.

More and more people are getting different kinds of sicknesses due to regular exposure with radiation coming from computers and mobile phones. While some don’t get sick, they experience physical toll like obesity due to less movement because everything can be done just by sitting down and talking over the phone or computer. The advances we now have did make most of our tasks easier, but has somehow lessened our physical activities, which we need to keep our senses and body healthy.

Not only has technology lessened our physical activities; it has also changed some regular norms like “playing”. Playing games no longer means playing outside the house or in the play room. Too many games have been developed from computers and mobile phones and has become too attractive than most physical game plays. This poses risks in many physical aspects of our body.

Bubble Gun2 (2)

Original Copter has designed many toys – mostly common and old toys – into something new. Accessorized with technology for it to match today’s types of games, it still has the physical need to participate. One of Original Copter awesome toys, the Clown Fish Bubble Gun can shoot hundreds of bubbles in one trigger pull, just like a regular bubble gun. But to make it more interesting, Original Copter installed it with music and a LED bulb that during play. Original Copter Clown Fish Bubble Gun comes with different patterns to make it more fun and exciting. This toy allows your child to run around and enjoy the time with his or her playmates.

Stop your kids from getting stuck on their gadgets. Give them toys that make them socially and physically active.

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