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Playing is Learning

3179 day ago

While adults spend much of their time practicing their day-to-day skills through their studies, professions and other responsibilities in life, children spend much of their time playing, which is normal and actually good for them. Through playing, children develop their mental health and social skills as they practice their cognitive and communication skills.

Experience is the best teacher. Playing is the best experience kids can have in their daily activities. A toddler learns about gravity through his toys – when a toy is let go, it drops; when a ball is thrown to the ground, it bounces. There must be a balance between traditional toys and digital games for your kids to learn with balance too.

It is also best to let your children play with other kids. Give them time to play in school, playgrounds or with neighbors which will give them the opportunity to share and communicate. It will also develop their leadership skills. It will teach them to listen, decide and influence other people as they interact.

Active play or physical participation of your kids are also good for your kids’ health as it allows them to burn excess energy. Open spaces, playgrounds, backyards or any wide spaces for children to run around, build things, and put their imagination into action would be great for a better learning experience.

Create an avenue for your children by buying toys that can be played outside or with other kids. The toys they play matter. If you buy those dolls or toys good for one sitting, it will lessen their focus on other kids. Buy them toys that can be shared and enjoyed buy others, too.

Original Copter has developed toys that goes with the trend and can be played at night. These toys can be shared and enjoyed with others. The LED Light Up Crowns (Princess, King, Happy Birthday) is just one of the products Original Copter offers. These crowns are not only affordable and reusable, they can also be used in kids’ parties and it can be a good material for enacting their imaginations.


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