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Take the Game Higher

3158 day ago

If you enjoyed our Original Copter, you will surely find this new toy even more exciting. Our set called the Ultra Fun Pack contains 9 whistle copters equipped with maxi sling-shots and improved launchers. What makes our Ultra Fun Pack different from a regular Original Copter?


Compared to the regular Original Copter , the Ultra Fun Pack contains better and more durable than ever Original Copter parts. Instead of a regular 7-inch rubber band, this ultra pack set contains 8-inch rubber bands that can extend the flight of the Original Copter for up to 250 feet high. The set also contains the Maxi Slighshot Launcher – a plastic resembling the shape of a sling shot where the rubber band is connected. This upgraded slingshot launcher helps in getting higher flights while keeping your fingers from getting too tired for pulling. The set also contains the brightest LED light among the other Original Copter .

If you are simply a fan of Original Copter , this pack would be a good gift for yourself. Not only is the pack very affordable; it also gives you a better Original Copter experience. Your Original Copter will fly higher, and the launchers will also make the toy much easier to use. The wings have been designed not to fly off during flight, and they are made of durable and hard-to-break plastic.

In most games, upgrades are what we call changes for game improvement. Well, this ultra-pack is an ultimate must-have upgrade.

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