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Unique Crowns for Your Kid’s Party

3161 day ago

If you’re having a hard time thinking of a new party craze, then you don’t need to worry anymore. Our crowns – Princess, Happy Birthday, and King – are your ideal choices to light up the party.

Every kid would surely want to get one. The crown alone can light up their party experience and would make their celebration very memorable.

These crowns will definitely be on the “Best Toys for Parties” list. Just make sure you have the right number of girls and boys to get the perfect set of colors. The crowns fit most adults too, so you might end up thinking of adding extra crowns if you want some parents to join in.

The crowns either are a base color of pink or sky blue or contain five (5) different colorful LED lamps. These LEDs can be switched in 3 different modes, kids can choose from: one with fast speed constant , one with one LED at a time, and the other is a constant and simultaneous of all of the lights.
Made of fabric for comfortable use and high quality plastic to hold the LED lamps. These crowns are lightweight. Also, the crown has a diameter of approximately 12 cm, a size that’s just for kids and most adults too. About 10.5 cm in height and powered by button batteries, it has an insulation piece with a black button to turn the LED lamps on or off and to switch between modes. Easy to put on and safe for your children to wear on their heads. The crown can be bought at a very affordable price of $5 per piece.

There are four (4) designs to choose from: aa blue “Happy Birthday”, a blue “King”, and a pink “Princess”. These crowns are perfectly labeled to match the kid wearing it. Make your kid’s birthday celebration a “cool” party. These crowns won’t let you down.



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