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Get the Best Toy Sword in Town

3104 day ago

Tired of boring old plastic sword? Get this Sword and we can assure your kid’s satisfaction. Original Copter Sword contains bright LED lights that makes it colorful and attracting.

Buying toys can sometimes be tiring especially when you want something unique for your kid or for a party. Original Copter designs its toys to have a unique design. Lights attract the kids, a lot of kids, because they don’t often have toys that can be used at night. Original Copter toys are not just used during the day but mostly enjoyed at night.


sword lit up

Not only does this Sword contain lights, it has pleasant, attractive sounds, too. It also has a clanging sound effect when you swing the sword, which makes it the best sword on the market. Kids will surely envy your child for having a one of a kind toy. Of course, toys are best use when shared, so buy a pack for your kids’ group and watch them enjoy playing.

For only $9, you get to give your kids a sword with motion activated sound! The toy already includes a set of batteries. Simply activate the lights with the push of a button. Buy more swords for a discount. You can purchase a pair at just $15, Or you could buy three pieces at only $18!

Best for any costume party or any occasion at all, the sword is 23 inches long and you are guaranteed to be satisfied. You can choose from pink, blue, or green. Designed to look like a real pirate’s sword, and kids love to play with pirate themed toys. Match them up with the right costume to make playing much, much more fun!

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