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Best Learning Toys for Children

2534 day ago

We are all aware that toys are some of the things that will help your children grow and develop to their brain; however, not all toys are created equal. Some mainly provide entertainment while others provide more learning and education for the little ones. As a parent and consumer, it Read more...

expressing themselves

Great Ways to Teach Art to Your Children

2539 day ago

Art is one of the most important things to teach your children to foster creativity in them. Aside from this, art also helps develop their mental, emotional, as well as social skills while simultaneously enhancing a child’s ability to analyze and solve problems. However, some parents who lack skills in the Read more...

fun summer activities

Fun Summer Activities for the Little Ones

2546 day ago

Another school year has ended and this simply means that it’s time for the summer again. During the period, you will need practical yet fresh and fun ideas to keep the little ones entertained. Otherwise, if you are not able to prepare some activities for the long vacation, they may Read more...


How Much Should You Spend on Your Child’s Gifts?

2546 day ago

We all know that having a child costs a lot. It has been estimated that the amount of money spent when raising a child reaches about $250,000; this is even before you include college expenses. However, parents should not blame essentials – such as child care and health care – Read more...

Castle Play Tent

Fun Summer Toys for 2017

2562 day ago

The cold weather has already shifted and now that it is summer, the temperature continues to rise. This is also the best time to take advantage of the clear and warm weather by getting active outdoors instead of sitting in your favorite chair while watching your children play and run Read more...

School to Summer

How to Help Your Children Change from School to Summer

2569 day ago

Another school year has ended and by this time, your children have most probably gotten used to their routine  of going to school. Just like the beginning of a school year, starting summer and adjusting to another schedule and environment can also be challenging since children tend to behave differently Read more...

American Flag

Excellent Ways to Celebrate Independence Day

2577 day ago

Once summer comes, you know that Independence Day is also just around the corner which means it’s time for another celebration. The 4th of July is Independence Day in the United States or the anniversary when the country gained its freedom in 1776. Traditionally, a lot of citizens celebrate this Read more...

child with smart phone

Things to Consider Before Giving Your Child a Smartphone

2577 day ago

  If you noticed, children today are tech-savvy especially when it comes to the latest electronic gadgets. Our youngest ones know how to use these devices better than some adults. Most children easily use gadgets and in fact, it can be very surprising at times to see how much they Read more...

Keeping Children Safe in Cars

2577 day ago

When your child was an infant, he or she may have been sleeping a lot when they were in the car while you were driving. Once he or she gets a bit older, everything will be different. As babies reach the age of two, they acquire a greater amount of Read more...

Great Gifts to Give for Father’s Day

2577 day ago

Have you noticed that Father’s Day is just around the corner? This year, it falls on the 18th of June and there are two weeks left before that day; this means that there’s enough time for you to think of the gifts you will give, as well the various family Read more...

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