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Encouraging Kids to Learn More

3112 day ago

It would be great if our kids were enthusiastic about learning since a passion and love for this is quite diverse compared to just studying to get good grades, or to please you or their teachers. Children who learn to love and appreciate gaining knowledge at a young age will maintain the process which will generally help them become more successful, confident, and happier compared to those who don’t. Some few ways that may help encourage your kids to learn more.


Find the Fun in Learning

At times, motivation is easy – when your kids’ tasks are interesting and fun, putting a lot of effort and trying hard becomes effortless. If your child enjoys playing soccer, they may endlessly practice hitting goals, or if they are delighted and fascinated by mythical creatures would indulge and immerse themselves in books about these. These are samples of innate motivation which stems from the fun of the activity itself.

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Avoid Rewards
Based on studies, kids being offered prizes for doing various tasks or activities weaken the main pleasure of actually doing it; and because of this, the attentiondeviates from the learning process to the reward. What happens is that without these, your children will not want to do the task even if he or she used to enjoy doing it; remember that kids learn more when they can act on their curiosity about the world, and rewards often undermine that.

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Give Your Child Some Free Time
Your kids need a lot of free time to learn, explore, and discover new things, so try to not pack your schedule with activities or errands and give your children a lot of free time for playing and roaming out into the backyard.A good thing to do is to play with the Original Copter toys while running outside with your kids since it’s one great way to spend some free time while having quality time as well with your children. You can also invite their friends to make their free time more fun and enjoyable.





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