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How to Teach Your Kids Time Management

3066 day ago

Time management is basically just a fancy way of describing various ways a person can balance more than one responsibility or activity at once. Just like every other skill, learning how to manage one’s time takes practice and although parents keep a keen eye on their kids when it comes to teaching them how to brush their teeth, among other things, only a few teach their kids how to actually manage their time within their day.

By introducing the concept of time management to your kids as early as now, you are instilling a skill he or she will use until they grow up – a skill they will be using for life. Here are some ways on how parents can effectively teach their kids time management.


  • Set the Right Example for Your Children

Kids follow what they see; so if you are someone who throws your coat wherever you can, doesn’t clean up after themselves when eating/working, it shouldn’t be a big surprise if your kids end up this way too. As a parent, decide on what type of environment you want to have in your household then make it happen; you should begin showing them proper time management and organizing skills which your kids will eventually learn and follow as well.

bigstock-Happy-Mother-With-Kid-Cleaning-60604730photo courtesy of 4.bp.blogspot.com


  • Help Them Prioritize

Aid them in distinguishing what is important and urgent; important things or tasks are necessary in life but can wait whereas urgent tasks or things are also important yet require immediate attention. Focus on both yet fulfill the urgent tasks before anything else.

Aid them in distinguishing what is important and urgentphoto courtesy of shapemindsoul.com


  • Use a Reward System

Use a reward system since it often works in forming a habit in every child, but remember not to use it often since they might expect rewards all the time when they do something good. If your child, for example, arrives from school and knows that he or she needs to do their homework first before anything else, then this is a good time to reward your kids for following their schedule and doing their intended task.



Reward these kids by spending time with them and relaxing with them, do fun activities together like going out in the evening after a busy day to play with your toys. These toys are genuinely safe and are fun to play with especially in the evening since the LED lights illuminate the evening, which makes for a pretty display of lights while all of you are having fun.

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