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Summer Activities for You and Your Kids

3089 day ago

Summertime is supposed to be a time to relax but with active kids running about and easily getting bored after just a few minutes, parents should definitely find a way to keep these little ones busy and entertained. How do you plan to keep your children busy and engaged for the whole summer? Simple, the trick here is to plan ahead and as early as now, start brainstorming for various ideas on what they can do during those times.

Start creating your list of activities for the kids this summer, and if you need some inspiration or ideas for these, check out a few things listed here that will surely keep your kids happy, busy, and focused.


Work Together in the Yard

If you have toddlers with you, they can help out by pulling weeds and sprinkling water over the flowers using a little watering can that’s perfect for them. Also, get them kiddie-sized bubble blowing lawn mowers so they can enjoy, plus little rakes to make it easier for them to hold.

work together in the yardphoto courtesy of www.onlymyhealth.com


Get Creative with Seashells

These make great crafting items because they look really nice and they’re free! If you’re at the beach with your kids, go with them to collect some seashells for your activity then once you have gathered enough of these, have your kids paint, string, or stack them together to create something out of these. The only things you’d need are strings, some glue, and a lot of creativity!

Get Creative with Seashellsphoto courtesy of www.cbc.ca


Play Dress-Up

Surely you have a collection of fancy items such as hats, belts, old cloth and the like stocked in your closet; these items can be used for playing dress up with your kids. If you don’t have much of these items kept in your home, you can collect a variety of items such as funny hats, flowing gowns and capes from thrift shops or garage sales, then use the items to play as superheroes, princesses, kings and any other character you may think of. These items can still be used in the future, especially when Halloween comes for this New Year.



As you and your children dress-up, you can even have them put on a show to have more fun while playing; allow them to use their Original Copter toys for a fun light show plus they can also use the Original Copter LED light crowns to feel more of kings and princesses when they dress up at these.

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