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Kids’ Holiday Cleaning Up Tips

3070 day ago

The Christmas week has finished and the New Year has finally arrived, but even if this is the case, it’s best to look forward and start organizing and cleaning for 2016. Are you and your kidsready to make your home clutter-free during the New Year? Then try out some of these year-ender tips to start the year clean and organized.


When you and your kids have gathered all your Christmas presents, sort them out then find two counterparts that you can put away. While keeping your new gifts, it’s best to make additional room throughout your home to avoid clutter and unwanted mess. An example would be with children’s toys; if your kids received new toys for Christmas, remove two older toys that are similar to the new one; recycle, sell, or donate these old items so you can lessen the clutter and mess in your now organized place. Plus, the thought of having space for newer possessions helps you and your kids cut the ties to worn out, old items.

donate old toys

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The holiday season is over so you don’t really need to keep your decors and Christmas lights on display; to keep these lights from tangling, let your kids help by wrapping these carefully around empty wrapping paper tubes; have your kids loop the light’s cord around the roll then insert the plug part into the opening of the tube. If you don’t have any of these available, you can use tubes from paper towels as well. Other Christmas ornaments that should be taken down must also be kept neatly in their respective boxes to avoid breakages and clutter.


photo courtesy of www.goodhousekeeping.com


While you still have time to clean-up before all the busy things of the New Year begins, use this chance to get rid of all the old, unnecessary, and useless things in your home and do some general cleaning up to start the new year clean and fresh! Have your kids help out with cleaning and invite some of their friends to help out too; cleaning may be a boring task but if you have the help of friends and family, plus cleaning with good music on will be tiring but fun in the end.

christmas light

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Once the cleaning up is done, you can rest, relax, and spend time with your family and friends. You can all go out and have fun with Original Copter toys to de-stress and have lots of fun after a hard day of cleaning. No worries if you finish cleaning in the evening, the Original Copter toys can still be played with, and they are actually best played at night because of their LED lights that can be seen clearly even in the dark. Spending a lot of your time with the people you love is a good way to unwind and enjoy the start of the good New Year.


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