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Tips for Hosting a Children’s Pool Party

3093 day ago

Let your kids enjoy a splashing fun party with games, swimming, and delicious food to make the celebration worthwhile. If you are looking for some fun ideas for children’s parties, why not go for a children’s pool party where they can cool off during those warm days? Just make sure that the party area is safe since this is your top priority, especially if kids are around.


  • Ask the Parents to Accompany Their Children

Make sure that all your invitations are clear and let the parents of the invited children know that this will be a swimming party; not the type of party where children are simply dropped off to have fun with other children around. Have a parent or a guardian keep a close watch on the invited child to avoid any unwanted situations.

Ask the Parents to Accompany Their Children

photo courtesy of www.pbs.org


  • Set Up the Theme

Your color palette and theme for the party depends on your choice; if you want it to fit perfectly for summer then choose bright and exciting colors to give your children’s pool party a hot, sunny day feel. If that’s your plan, you can use little sunglasses for napkin rings while large beach pails can be used for beverage coolers once you fill it with ice.

set up theme

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  • Games

Think of cool games to keep the children engaged in the party, and since all of them will be wet, think of fun water games to keep them cool. Some of the great pool games for kids include retrieving colored rings by diving, or water-balloon toss to make things more active.


photo courtesy of thestir.cafemom.com


  • Food

Playing and swimming for hours will definitely leave the kids starving for snacks, so make a menu that includes pool party snacks like fresh watermelon slices, popsicles, fresh lemonade, chips and dips, and many more. If you want to serve the children more than just snacks, grill some burgers, hot dogs, and maybe even barbecue for the kids to satiate their hunger after a long time of playing and swimming.


photo courtesy of galleryinteriorhome.com


  • Souvenirs

When the party’s over, make sure that all the guests leave with a little token to remind them of the fun day they had at your kid’s party. Prepare a beach tote bag with little treats and goodies in them, or give the kids disposable underwater cameras for them to play with. Or better, give each one of the guests a Whistle copter then pack it with a couple of its rubber bands, slingshot, and wings to complete their little souvenir bag.




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