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Ways to Lose Weight after the Holidays

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During the holiday season, a lot of people gain at least a pound because of having additional helpings of meals that are served during these occasions. Even if gaining a pound doesn’t seem much, these extra pounds accumulate overtime which may then contribute to such things like obesity and other chronic diseases later on in life. If you feel that you, your kids, or any other family member gained additional weight, here are some tips on how to lose them after the holiday season:


  • Get Lots of Sleep

You may think it’s no help but sleeping is just as important as eating healthy; getting inadequate sleep affects a person’s hormones which include ghrelin (works by signaling your brain that it’s time for a meal) and leptin (cues your brain to stop eating). When a person sleeps, the body produces more ghrelin so when you get insufficient sleep, the levels of leptin drop which in turn, signals the brain to eat more than usual.

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  • Drink Lots of Water

Based on studies, drinking water an hour before meals will help you eat lesser calories which will make you lose 45% more weight; it can also slightly boost your metabolism.

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  • Engage in Physical Activities

Exercise will not make you lose weight in a snap but there are a lot of benefits that you may get when engaging in these types of activities. Some of these benefits include healthy bones, cardiovascular strength, plus better stress levels and sleep – the best medicine to cure the holiday weight. Remember to do something enjoyable and engage in physical activities that won’t stress you out – your mind, body, and even waistline will definitely thank you.

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One fun way to engage in exercise and physical activities is by playing with the Original Copter toys with your kids and the rest of the family; let the Whistle copter fly then run and catch them, or simply have a fun time playing outdoors with the Original Copter Clownfish Bubble Gun, popping the little bubbles that fly in the air. These simple but really fun and exciting outdoor activities will surely help you burn some of the gained holiday calories while also spending some quality time with your children and the whole family.



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