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Ways to encourage your Child’s Passion

2225 day ago

Every child has the ambition to become someone who is great and special in the future: he or she may want to be an athlete, doctor, engineer, musician, painter, or even a dancer. Children can vividly imagine these things happening yet at the same time, they may also get discouraged Read more...

toddler with chocolate

Great Things about Having a Toddler

2232 day ago

We cannot deny that being a parent is difficult – waking up in the middle of the night to tend to incessant crying or temper tantrums, or even dealing with dirty diapers makes it really difficult to remember the good things about having toddlers. But remember that for every struggle, Read more...

family stress

How to Successfully Reduce Family Stress

2232 day ago

While entering parenthood and raising a family can be extremely rewarding, these can also be both socially and economically demanding which is why stressful situations make everything more challenging. Also, stress is everywhere in this fast paced life we have and you cannot escape those caused by people who are Read more...

kid playing tablet

Worst Gifts to Give your Children

2244 day ago

Searching for the best gifts to give your children can be a fun yet challenging task, but when you start thinking about the safety of your children, you will need to put in extra effort to find the best and safest gifts for your little ones.     Generally, you Read more...

child laughing

Simple Life Lessons to Learn from your Children

2244 day ago

According to a popular Brazilian novelist and lyricist Paulo Coelho, he said that children can teach adults three basic yet very important things: smile and be happy without any reason, keep yourself busy with something, and know how to demand for what one desires. These may be true but children Read more...

girl with medals

Pros and Cons of Raising Children

2254 day ago

Parenting is one of the biggest decisions in life that one would ever make so before entering this stage of life, prospective parents should plan and consider how this can affect their lives. Parenting is generally challenging and it brings drastic changes to one’s lifestyle. New parents may find this Read more...

cooking with children

Cooking with Your Toddler

2254 day ago

Cooking requires the use of all senses which is why engaging in this activity with your toddlers is also an opportunity for them to learn how to process sensory input or information which is essential for one’s brain development. And although messy, cooking with your toddler is fun and if Read more...

Ways to Prevent Bedtime Tantrums

2254 day ago

Children’s bedtime is a real struggle and in fact, recent studies show that the biggest problems that new parents face include parental sleep deprivation and putting children to sleep. Children usually throw tantrums due to a number of reasons such as wanting to continue what they were doing, trying to Read more...

image courtesy of pixabay

Simple Ways to Keep your Family Safe Online

2254 day ago

In this day and age, almost every child knows how to work their way around the World Wide Web; their web-savvy skills and knowledge on advanced technology and gadgets can get a little overwhelming for a lot of parents, especially when it comes to the number of novelties and trends Read more...


Benefits of Swimming for Children

2264 day ago

In the United States, swimming is known as the third most popular sport and it’s an activity that anyone can enjoy regardless of age and ability. Swimming is a form of water therapy that is highly beneficial for one’s overall health; it helps cure and prevent certain conditions while helping Read more...

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