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Get Yourself and Your Kids Something New

1210 day ago

Sometimes it really takes time to find something new to give your child. With Original Copter toys, you can definitely find something unique for your child. The toys may not be that different from its kind in terms of usage, but its design is of a superb quality, making it Read more...

Take the Game Higher

1213 day ago

If you enjoyed our Original Copter, you will surely find this new toy even more exciting. Our set called the Ultra Fun Pack contains 9 whistle copters equipped with maxi sling-shots and improved launchers. What makes our Ultra Fun Pack different from a regular Original Copter?   Compared to the Read more...

Unique Crowns for Your Kid’s Party

1216 day ago

If you’re having a hard time thinking of a new party craze, then you don’t need to worry anymore. Our crowns – Princess, Happy Birthday, and King – are your ideal choices to light up the party. Every kid would surely want to get one. The crown alone can light Read more...

It’s More Fun with Original Copter

1218 day ago

Playing is a must for kids, adults, and even the elderly! Playing is a natural medication to loneliness, depression, and other negative emotions built within us. It is also a stress reliever. In one study, children who play outdoors have better self-control and feel much more fulfilled than those who Read more...

Get the Best Toy Sword in Town

1220 day ago

Tired of boring old plastic sword? Get this Sword and we can assure your kid’s satisfaction. Original Copter Sword contains bright LED lights that makes it colorful and attracting. Buying toys can sometimes be tiring especially when you want something unique for your kid or for a party. Original Copter Read more...

Happy Birthday Crowns or Prince or King Original Copter Toys

1287 day ago

If your little one has a birthday coming up, then the perfect favor for parties is the amazing crown from the great manufacturer that brought you Original Copter. These crowns feature a colorful and attractive glow that is the ideal way to make any little princess sparkle on her special Read more...

Slingshot Flying LED Copters Toys

1287 day ago

Original Copter is the number one manufacturer of slingshot flying LED copters. You can enjoy a high quality toy when you choose genuine Original Copter products, knowing that the toys have been designed to be safe and durable. You should be very wary of purchasing cheap knockoff products. Many companies Read more...

Original Copter Video

1296 day ago

In this Original Copter Video You will learn how to do Successful Launch of Original Copter Toy. We have the Top notch quality Copter Toy, It can go up to 300 feet and It has Brightest LED Which glow in the night time. Every one gets attracted to the Toy.

Purchase Original Original Copter Toys

1304 day ago

If you’re a retailer, then you’ll love selling Original Copter LED slingshot toys in your store. You can use them in displays near your payment points, as goods in a toy store or as a unique, special purchase item. You don’t even have to be a toy store to sell Read more...

Original Copter Top notch toy manufacturer in florida

1304 day ago

Original Copter is the leading manufacturer of light-up toys that use LED lights to provide interesting illumination. The use of LED light bulbs however isn’t a new thing. LED bulbs have been used for a number of decades now in all sorts of applications from home lighting to watches and Read more...

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