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Teaching Children about Labor Day

1733 day ago

Most people think, Labor Day is just another day off from school and work since people have forgotten the true meaning behind this day. For many, it’s nothing more than an excuse to gather family and friends to spend one last day of summer. However, the holiday dates back  centuries and it means a lot more than  time for a break.

Labor Day, which falls on the first Monday of September, is a time to honor workers in the United States who keep the country running. Also, more detailed history explains the difficult working conditions during the Industrial Revolution; it also tells us why supporting workers’ and union rights is highly essential.


Here, we’ve listed down some easy ways to talk to little ones about this important federal holiday.





Tell them What Your Job is All About

If you’re one of those people who feel like your family does not understand what you do for 8 hours each day, grab the opportunity on this holiday to bring your little ones into your world. Let them complete some of the tasks you do at work; for example, if you are a writer who works on a deadline, give them a short task that they should accomplish within a 60-minute timeframe. If you’re a stay-at-home parent, you can ask them to try all the tasks you do to manage your home and the family.






Teach them about Various Career Options

Not all children want to follow in their parents’ footsteps when it comes to their future career, and that’s absolutely fine. While they’re young, show your little ones a wide range of career options available and read books about different occupations. If your children’s ages are below ten, you can schedule visits to the fire station or the veterinarian’s office. For teens, you can start discussing internships and after-school part-time jobs, as well as volunteer opportunities they plan to try.






Help them Relate to the Past and the Present

Working conditions in the United States have great improvements since the 19th century. But when it comes to the treatment that employees get, we still have a long way to go. Although children may not be able to fully understand these working conditions yet, you can talk about the issues that workers still face today. To make this a positive discussion, you can tell your children why it’s highly necessary for them to know one’s rights as workers.





Teach the History of Labor Day

If you need a refresher, do a research on the history of Labor Day. After this, explain what Labor Day is all about – why it was established and why it’s important even today. Along with this, you can also research and have a discussion about people who have influenced the work environment in the country. You can either explain this in detail or simplify this, depending on the age of your little ones.






Labor Day Crafts and Games

Crafting is a great activity for all occasions so why not gather your little ones to bring out their creativity for Labor Day crafts. A great idea for Labor Day crafts is to make thank you cards for people they see regularly, such as the mailman, garbage truck crew, food attendant, street sweepers, and other people they know who provide service to others. Another idea is to get some magazines and have your children cut out images to create fun career vision boards.







Have a Little Stage Play

Make some worker prop boxes and encourage your little ones to use the things inside for a little stage play. A few suggestions for the things you can include are cooking utensils for chefs, cleaning utensils for house cleaners, and gardening tools for gardeners. This way, they will learn more about what workers do and why we must honor them.






Have a Family Bonding after Teaching about Labor Day

Of course, everyone deserves to enjoy a day off so grab the opportunity to spend more time with your family before the summer break ends. After letting your little ones know the true meaning behind Labor Day, have a fun time bonding with the family by playing with the Whistlecopter toys.






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