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Teenagers at School

Strengthening the Bond with Your Teens

2101 day ago

When most people find out that they’re going to be parents, they become extremely happy thinking about having a child in their arms. Usually, it becomes difficult to even imagine that they will eventually grow into adults with their own minds. However, these little ones will eventually grow and it Read more...

Children Off to School

Helping Children Adjust to School

2108 day ago

For a lot of children, going to school for the very first time is a big deal. Some may be excited – something most parents commonly expect; however, others may start with tears or a stomach ache. Keep in mind that they aren’t faking these just so they can miss Read more...

The American Flag

Teaching Children about Labor Day

2115 day ago

Most people think, Labor Day is just another day off from school and work since people have forgotten the true meaning behind this day. For many, it’s nothing more than an excuse to gather family and friends to spend one last day of summer. However, the holiday dates back centuries Read more...

Weight Watching

Reducing the Risk of Obesity in Children

2123 day ago

Obesity refers to having an excessive amount of body fat. It is not all about one’s looks because it increases the risks of acquiring other health problems such as diabetes, heart disease, stroke, and high blood pressure. When children are obese they have higher chances of acquiring more health problems Read more...

Depressed Child

Things Your Children Can Do Today to Prevent Depression

2130 day ago

There are some occasions when we feel down and sad– these may be the times when things don’t go our way. We lose someone close to us, or we get hurt. Just like us, children also experience down turns. However, some people do not only feel sad; they also feel as Read more...

Child Running Cautiously

Teaching Children Mindfulness

2136 day ago

Today, the world is so fast-paced that we easily miss the things that are going on around us. Most of us are too caught up in different things to notice what’s happening around us. Some of us distracted by things that happened yesterday, while others are worried about what will Read more...

Crying Child

Ways to Prevent Children from Misbehaving

2143 day ago

There is always a reason behind the way children behave. The best way to deal with this is through positive parenting. Address these reasons instead of punishing the behaviour since it will just make things worse and will not solve the problem. A common reason behind misbehaviour is development. For Read more...

Happy confident Children

How to Raise a Competent Child

2151 day ago

Competence is a main tool that helps us achieve our goals. Competence is what lets a person stay on track and know how to respond accordingly in situations. Competent people are able to overcome internal and external obstacles that may hinder them from accomplishing their goals. Competence helps children stay Read more...

Young Boy & Gadgets

Limiting your Child’s Exposure to Gadgets

2158 day ago

One thing we should worry about in this generation is the amount of time that children spend on their gadgets. Besides their obsession for their gadgets; children can experience adverse effects on their health which is another matter of concern. Children today use gadgets for studying, playing games, watching movies, Read more...

Enjoying the Outdoors

Outdoor Safety Tips for your Children

2165 day ago

You probably remember just how amazing it was playing outdoors as a child: you had unhindered bliss and felt like there was an endless amount of time for exploring outdoors and enjoying your adventures. The thing is, you probably got yourself in a lot of trouble during those times too. Read more...

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