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Easter Fun Facts

Fun Facts about Easter

2249 day ago

Every year, people around the globe gather to celebrate Easter. For those of us who pay more attention to religious holidays, Easter is a highly significant day since it is the time to remember the resurrection of their savior. For others, this can be simply a time to hunt for Read more...

Easter Traditions

Easter Traditions around the Globe

2256 day ago

Easter is almost upon us and it feels like 2018 is just breezing through, didn’t we just celebrate Christmas a few months back? With just a few weeks until Easter Sunday, our little ones are obviously excited about this and reminding us that Easter is here. In the USA, Easter Read more...

Easter Eggs

Easter Traditions for Families

2265 day ago

If you take a second to think about your childhood, you will notice that some  of your favorite memories are family traditions. Easter traditions can be one of the best and most special childhood memories. Aside from the biggest holidays like Thanksgiving and Christmas, Easter can also be one of Read more...


Daylight Saving Time Tips for Bedtime

2273 day ago

If you take a look at your calendar, some of you would be surprised when you realize that daylight saving time is just around the corner; in fact, it’s only a matter of days before that time of the year. Daylight saving time means that everyone will be setting their Read more...

Boy Using the Computer

Ways to Protect Your Child from Cyber-Bullying

2277 day ago

With children spending more time online, the rates of cyber bullying continue to increase; in fact, 60% of children have experienced various forms of cyber-bullying, and one out of three teens have faced cyber threats. Unfortunately, 90% of these cyber bullying victims have not informed their parents or other trusted Read more...

Child Using the Internet

Tips to Keep your Children Safe Online

2284 day ago

The Internet is an amazing tool for learning, sharing, communicating, and a lot more. However, it can also be unsafe due to hacking, cyber bullying, and more. So as a parent, you must teach your children about online safety while also understanding why they continuously want to use the internet. Read more...

Roses and Locket

Valentine’s Traditions around the Globe

2290 day ago

Because Valentine’s Day is just around the corner, you can see a lot of stores displaying more chocolates, candies, hearts, and stuffed animals. In the United States, the most usual things you will see during this season are greeting cards, teddy bears and of course, the boxes of chocolates; however, Read more...

Valentine's Day Chocolates

Fun Valentine’s Day Activities for Children

2299 day ago

With red and pink hearts beginning to pop up all over the place, you can easily say that Valentine’s Day is just around the corner. Have you already thought of some fun activities that your little ones can enjoy for Valentine’s Day? Valentine’s Day is a wonderful time for everyone Read more...

Anxious Child

How to Alleviate Anxiety in Children

2307 day ago

In both children and teens, symptoms of anxiety are very common. Usually, they worry about school-related issues including fitting in the community, friends, teachers, academics, and even being away from parents. Anxiety in children is one of the biggest challenges that parents face, and since you cannot really eliminate this Read more...

Bath Time Fun

Making Bath Time Fun for Children

2314 day ago

Does your child hate bath time? When it comes to bath time, a lot of parents are actually facing this as a negative challenge; and if you are one of them, you are probably asking how you can solve this problem if your child really dislikes bath time. While some Read more...

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