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Excellent Ways to Celebrate Independence Day

2355 day ago

Once summer comes, you know that Independence Day is also just around the corner which means it’s time for another celebration. The 4th of July is Independence Day in the United States or the anniversary when the country gained its freedom in 1776. Traditionally, a lot of citizens celebrate this Read more...

child with smart phone

Things to Consider Before Giving Your Child a Smartphone

2355 day ago

  If you noticed, children today are tech-savvy especially when it comes to the latest electronic gadgets. Our youngest ones know how to use these devices better than some adults. Most children easily use gadgets and in fact, it can be very surprising at times to see how much they Read more...

Keeping Children Safe in Cars

2355 day ago

When your child was an infant, he or she may have been sleeping a lot when they were in the car while you were driving. Once he or she gets a bit older, everything will be different. As babies reach the age of two, they acquire a greater amount of Read more...

Great Gifts to Give for Father’s Day

2355 day ago

Have you noticed that Father’s Day is just around the corner? This year, it falls on the 18th of June and there are two weeks left before that day; this means that there’s enough time for you to think of the gifts you will give, as well the various family Read more...

traveling with kids

Traveling with Children

2382 day ago

Whether you will be traveling on the road or flying up in the sky, there will be some inconveniences that you may face especially when you bring your children along on your trip. Even if it’s your first or fifth time traveling with your little ones, the experience can be Read more...

Memorial Day flag

Great Ways to Celebrate Memorial Day with Children

2382 day ago

Memorial Day was first commemorated in 1868 when a Union general declared the 30th of May to decorate the graves of the Civil War soldiers who lost their lives; after the First World War, this became a holiday to honor all Americans who passed away during the war. In 1971, Read more...

children and sweets

Controlling your Child’s Sweet Addiction

2382 day ago

As a parent, seeing your children happy is one of the best things in life and because of this, you can definitely understand why parents give in when their little ones ask or beg for sweets. It is natural for children to have a huge appetite for these treats and Read more...

children will always be children

Celebrity Parenting Tips

2394 day ago

Every parent wants to give their children the best, so having some advice to follow is definitely a must. This also goes for celebrity parents who want their children to grow up as great and productive individuals in the future. Surely, you may have already witnessed or practiced a few Read more...

fidget spinner

The Fidget Spinner – Whistlecopter’s Hottest New Toy

2394 day ago

Are you searching for the most exciting toy in the market today? Whistlecopter’s LED Fidget Spinner is the newest and hottest toy that can help reduce stress and can also put up an awesome light show to entertain anyone for hours! With its embedded metal ball bearings, each hand spinner can Read more...

mothers day flowers

The Best Things to do on Mother’s Day

2403 day ago

The practice of celebrating motherhood originates from ancient Greece and Rome where they held festivals to honor the mother goddesses Rhea and Cybele. However, the clearest historical event that celebrates Mother’s day is the early Christian festival called “Mothering Sunday” which was held in order to honor Mother Mary. Being Read more...

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