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Take a Break From Digital Toys and Play With Original Copter!

3137 day ago

In this time and age, there are a lot of delightful and potentially educational TV shows DVD’s, internet and video games around; but unfortunately, distasteful content time consumption are the most commonly cited issues connected with these types of media.

So here are some suggestions on how to take some time off from technology:

• Quality time with family and friends

Have some kind of real, face-to-face interaction with the people you love; gather and enjoy some quality-time together by having a meal out, going shopping, or by doing various sports and activities together. Not only will you strengthen the bond with these people, but you’ll spend some time off from technology and devices that usually take up all your time and attention.


• Create appetizing meals for the family

Not everyone can cook but helping around in the kitchen to make scrumptious meals with your family can be fun and a big achievement, especially when your meals turn out good.

• Get out and play

Playing outdoors does not only bring fun and excitement; it’s also a form of exercise that provides physical development for your kids. Moreover, it increases their flexibility and motor skills plus it’s also related to the growth of various physical skills.


When outdoors, you can play with Original Copter with your kids since these are mainly designed to match their interests; and with their new innovations, it will surely make them enjoy more. The starter-pack of 4 Original Copternow has the exclusive Cobra Launcher included which only means that you and your kids will have more fun playing outdoors because of this addition. For the Whistle copter, try matching a flying toy with its LED bulbs which will surely amaze your kids especially if played outside, during the evenings.

NEW Pics Sep 2015 No. 3

Getting away from digital toys and playing outdoors instead promotes an overall development for your children which are highly recommended when they are still young. With Original Copter toys, your children can have a memorable, fun, and significant quality time with friends and family.

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