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More Fun and Excitement with Original Copter Toys : Whistle Copter Original Copter Whistlecopter Led Copter Wholesale Led Slingshot Helicopter
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More Fun and Excitement with Original Copter Toys

3166 day ago

There may be some who try to imitate these, but we all know that there is only one Original Copter manufacturer that offers quality, safe, and fun toys for you and your children. The Original Copter, our flagship toy, is considered as the most excellent flying toy today; and despite having some copies around, don’t be deceived by their low prices and quality.

Our LED Original Copter are created with the finest and most durable plastic that will not break easily, unlike the copies. Moreover, the wings won’t flap in the wind, which is how it can reach a height of 200 feet. This makes watching these copters at night a fun-filled activity.

Now, there will be new and special addition Original Copter to give you more fun and enjoyment.

• Four wings with different designs

We will now include four differently designed wings in each of our regular four-pack whistle copters. With the four differently designed wings, you and your children will surely have more fun playing with these, especially when they’re high up in the air. You will also see all the different colors for more variations while it lights and flies. This is a lot of hard work, but Original Copter only wants to give you the best and always wants to be on the cutting edge.


• Cobra Launcher joins!

Another thing to note when it comes to our toys is that we are now offering the new Cobra Launcher with our regular Original Copter . The new cobra launcher has the 7-inch red rubber band that none of the copies have, which is why Original Copter toys stand out from the rest. Now you can have more fun with your family and friends, running around outdoors and challenging each other as to who can reach the highest with their Original Copter !


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