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How to Distract your Kids for the Better

3139 day ago

At this day and age, the opinions and views of different generations clash for a lot of reasons; the generation of your parents who never really experienced digital technology during their childhood versus the kids today who are growing up surrounded by all sorts of gadgets. The older generation will continue to compare their childhood activities from the ones of today.

Before, they were more active and energetic; whereas today, children would most likely play in front of the computer by using various gaming consoles. Despite these differences, we should all accept that change is a situation that will constantly occur and by focusing our attention to build good relationships, we will be able to communicate effectively with each other.

Here are some simple ways to distract your kids for the better:

• Give Them Technology

Although technology itself is a huge distraction for children, never deprive them of such things. However, limit their use of these gadgets. Allow your children to watch TV, use their computers and tablets, plus other gadgets too, but make sure that you control their usage so they have time to engage in other activities to keep them physically active and healthy. Remember, moderation is key so sit down and take some time to talk with your children and come to an agreement when it comes to the amount of time they can spend using these specific gadgets. They should decide with you when it comes to these limits because it will make them feel more responsible and involved in the situation.

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• Give Time for Conversations

We blame technology because children spend more hours focusing on these things instead of actually taking some time off to sit down and have a real good conversation with them. So this time, be the first to initiate real conversations with your children, or engage in fun physical activities with them and the whole family to have some quality time that you all had been wanting to share with each other for a long time.


• Go Out, Play Sports, Be Active

Running has been proven to be good for physical, mental, and psychological health; it also does not only strengthen and work your muscles, but it also clears your thoughts while pushing more oxygen to your brain. Running is just like any other sport; as long as you’re active then it will give you positive benefits for your health and body. Talk with your family and agree to have a weekly routine of going out, having fun, playing, and getting active without any of your gadgets since these may prevent you from focusing on quality time and activities.

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• Buy Original Copter Toys

Buy outdoor toys to keep you active such as bikes, Frisbees, basketball, and toys such as Original Copter toys. Their toys are mainly designed to be used outdoors and would be enjoyed further if there was a lot of physical and active participation. The Original Copter, their flagship toy, is one that should be used in open areas, so playing with these can be lots of fun, especially if a lot of you are participating in the game. Another fun toy would be the Sword which is also fun for children who want to play as warriors and the like, and the Clown Fish Bubble Gun is fun too if you enjoy having bubbles floating around the area you play in.


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