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Toys for All Events

3143 day ago

Sometimes, we tend to forget about toys when planning for events because we often associate these items for kids’ parties or home activities only. A lot of these toys have multiple uses and they can be great for various occasions to decorate areas and more. Here is a list of events where you can make perfect use of your Original Copter toys.

• Family Reunion

Keller Williams Family Reunion 2015

Reunions are not just limited to hi’s and hello’s, or taking pictures with the family members you’re familiar with; it’s about getting to know each other more while also having good quality time with everyone in the family. While adults gather and talk about various things, the children in the family can play with Original Copter Clown Fish Bubble Guns while running around and enjoying all these bubbles floating around the area. This is one good way to keep their attention focused without disturbing the parents who are busy cooking meals for the reunion.

To make things more fun, you can have a little contest as to who can fly these copters the highest, and at night, you can use the Whistle copters too to make things even more fun and exciting.

• Camping or Outside Training


To keep things fun while camping out, give each camper their own Whistle copter which can be used as a distress signal to catch the attention of other campers if one gets in trouble or danger. The Original Copter too can be used as a good signal tool for campers, especially at night when visibility is quite difficult and they’ve gotten in some type of emergency. The Original Copter can stay afloat for a few seconds and can fly up to 200 feet for watchers and other people to see.

• Magic Shows

Using cards, flowers, vanishing acts, and other common magic tricks are a favorite for these types of events, but you can try making things more unique and interesting by using the Spinning Light Show to give a different vibe and experience for your audiences. Try practicing different spinning light tricks by making various illusions with these and amaze your audiences with these interesting light tricks.

• Wedding

photo courtesy of myweddecorations.blogspot.com (photo courtesy of myweddecorations.blogspot.com)

Yes, you can actually use toys for wedding adornments and designs; The Princess and King Led Light Up Crowns can be used as table settings to separate the bridesmaids from the groomsmen. You can also use these to acknowledge or label the guests’ seats or tables, while the crowns with the steady LED lights or slow patterns can be used to give more interesting lighting to the area.

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