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Helping Your Child Discover Their Passion

2696 day ago

When you were a child, what was your ambition? Did you want to be a doctor, an actor, or a figure skater? From childhood until adulthood, everyone spends a lot of time searching for their passion or the things they enjoy doing and are good at and you were most likely given adequate guidance by the people around you. Now that you have your own child, you would also want them to find their own interests and passion and guiding them throughout their journey is one of the best ways to help them achieve this.


Here are some great tips that you can follow once you begin helping your child discover their passion:

photo courtesy of cdn2.drprem.com

photo courtesy of cdn2.drprem.com

  • Explore Various Activities Together


Allow your child to get out of their comfort zone when trying new activities together. Join a couple of sports teams, learn how to play a musical instrument, or join a dance class but remember to take your finances into consideration. Another way you can try out new things is by watching videos on Youtube and learn different activities such as applying makeup, sewing clothes, and playing backyard sports. Some other activities that your child may try are gardening, drawing, caring for animals, and writing stories. You can also try having a small business by being a Whistlecopter vendor; this will help teach your children about interacting with other people and having a business. When you sell the Whistlecopter toys, you can bring your child with you and have them try selling some of Whistlecopter toys such as the Original Copter, Light Copter, Rocket copter and Skateboard LED.


If your child is not enjoying the activity, allow them to quit and avoid scolding them for doing so. When discovering their passion, there is no need to force activities that they are not interested in. Once they find something they really want to do, they will not give up even after failing numerous times.

photo courtesy of wpengine.netdna-cdn.com

photo courtesy of wpengine.netdna-cdn.com

  • Observe and do reflective listening


When you observe your children, you will notice that they do have certain hobbies and interests; you can help them discover their passion by asking questions such as:


  • “You seem to enjoy math / history / science. Is that correct?”
  • “You spend a lot of your time / money on this and it seems very important to you. Do you think it can be your career in the future?”
  • “I noticed you enjoy history / Sci-Fi shows on TV. What makes them interesting?”


If your child plays with the Whistlecopter toys, it may also help them discover different interests that relate to these toys; if they like the Original Copter because it reminds them of shooting stars, they might want to be an astronomer one day, or if they are having fun playing with the Bubble Gun, it is possible that they want to be police officers someday.

photo courtesy of images.indianexpress.com

photo courtesy of images.indianexpress.com

  • Be supportive


After going through a stressful week, trying new things or sticking to old activities can be difficult. Always support and encourage your children and help them extinguish their self-doubt; allow them to voice out their thoughts and feelings during these times. Sometimes, small talk is all they need to keep them going. Show active interest if they’re playing a musical instrument; or making some artwork and show up for their games if they play sports. Point out their strengths and give constructive criticism so they know what weaknesses they need to work on.


  • Model Passionate Behavior


One of the things you can’t teach your children is behavior. When helping them in discovering their passion, you will have to model loving others through your God-given gifts; if you enjoy writing, show your children that you encourage others through this talent. If you haven’t discovered your passion yet or if you’ve just found it recently and are still nurturing this, you can begin exploring with your children; this is also an amazing opportunity to learn about yourself, to grow and make memories together.


  • Celebrate the diversity and different passions in your home


If you have more than one child, you will see that all of them have different interests, so if one wants to be a doctor, the others do not need to follow and find interest in this field too. Appreciate each individual’s passion especially if they differ because each member of the family has something special to offer.


Discovering and doing the things you love brings a lot of happiness to each member of the family, and while your children are slowly developing their talents and interests, the atmosphere in the family will become rich and lively. Don’t limit your children; allow them to pursue their dreams since this will encourage each child’s individualism as well as their growth. Engaging in various activities as a family will not only help the young ones find what they enjoy doing but it will also develop a healthy environment for the whole family.  

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