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Ways to Handle Common Bratty Behaviors of Kids

2960 day ago

Even the sweetest and most angelic kids can become bratty at a certain point, but before you assume and start expecting the worst, try to take a look at the situation and determine the cause of this bratty behavior. Sometimes, kids who are tired or hungry tend to whine, act out, and complain, so for instances like these, you may want to see the sleeping schedule and bedtime routine of your little ones. If this is normal, it’s about time that you figure out the cause of such attitude.

However, if your kids are misbehaving on a regular basis with no specific reason at all, it’s time to step in and correct this. So here are a couple of ways to handle and correct a kid’s bratty behavior.


  • The Golden Rule that Should be Remembered

When kids are raised in an environment where respect and kindness are eminent, they learn how to respect others and instill this in their lives until they grow up. If, for example, you are running late and screaming angrily at your kids to hurry, this is just teaching and showing them that you don’t really respect them since you can say things nicely and in a more positive manner. If they know that you’ll treat them poorly during stressful situations, expect them to cause a scene as well when they’re feeling stressed and tense.

The Golden Rule is that you should treat others how you want them to treat you; show love and respect for each other, especially for them and when this is practiced on a regular basis, your kids will follow as well.



photo courtesy of www.lovecutekids.com

  • Empathy

If your kids are in pre-school, expect the kids with this age to have occasional temper tantrums. Sometimes, this can’t be avoided, but when the fits start every time you set certain limits, that’s when the problem begins. Remember, don’t match your child’s tantrum moments and instead, be emphatic and let your child know that you recognize that she or he is angry yet let them know that this type of behavior is not acceptable.

Help your child find the right and appropriate words to express his or her feelings and don’t be afraid to give them a time out when necessary. Let your child play to express feelings and eventually, your child will calm down.


photo courtesy of fthmb.tqn.com

photo courtesy of fthmb.tqn.com

  • Spend Quality Time Together

If your little girl or boy acts defiant and always ends up negotiating with you, don’t always accept defeat and fall for this. Refrain from accepting the deal and you will soon cut down on the defiance, so instead, offer them rewards when they do good deeds and exhibit good behavior. What is the best prize? Of course, sharing and spending some quality time together; instead of just giving your kids the new Original Copter Star War Laser Sword, take some time and join your kids in playing with these awesome toys and give your children undivided attention.


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