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Ways to Care for Your Children’s Toys

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Children love toys and this is actually good since it is one way for them to learn a lot of different things. However, toys can easily break if these are not properly cared for; plus, various dangers are also present when the toys have been exposed to germs. When the toys are not properly stored and frequently cleaned, there are high chances for your children to get sick due to dirt, grime, and bacteria. To prevent this from happening, you need to know how to properly care for your children’s toys.


Here are some tips on how to care for your children’s toys:


photo courtesy of diyhomethings.com

  • Read the Labels


When you purchase a plush toy, you will usually see a manufacturers label attached to it. If you plan to wash the toy before letting your child embrace it, make sure to always check the labels for specific instructions on how to properly wash this toy. Some toys cannot be machine washed while some require a special kind of cleaner. If a label is not present, you may type the name of the toy on Google Search to find the manufacturer’s instructions online.


  • Washing Plastic Toys


For small, plastic toys that aren’t battery-operated, you can have these cleaned by placing them in a dishwasher since this will completely disinfect the toys. For battery-operated ones, do not use a dishwasher to clean the items since it will cause damage even if you remove the batteries. If you do not own a dishwasher or if the toys will not fit in one, you can also wash them by hand. Use lukewarm water with soap and disinfectants then rub the toys with a washcloth just like how you would wash dishes. If the toys have grease or grime, add baking soda and vinegar to the soapy water. Rinse the toys well before storing.

photo courtesy of legacy.daydots.com

photo courtesy of legacy.daydots.com

  • Use a Sanitizing Solution


Disinfecting children’s toys when cleaning them is highly necessary to keep these safe. Use a sanitizing solution that you can find in stores, or make your own solution at home – in a quart of water, mix one tablespoon of bleach. Make sure that you properly dilute bleach before using it so it will not be toxic and harmful to anyone.


  • Clean the Surface of Larger Toys


If your children have larger toys such as dollhouses and plastic playhouses, you should also occasionally wash and disinfect these. Clean the surface of these toys using your chosen disinfectant then wipe the solution away before air drying these.

photo courtesy of diyhomethings.com

photo courtesy of diyhomethings.com

  • Clean Toys Frequently


Toys should be cleaned regularly, especially if these are like the Whistlecopter which are used outdoors. These toys may occasionally land on the ground which in turn, may collect germs; if the toys end up getting dirty and soiled, make sure to thoroughly clean these to avoid your children from getting ill. Also remember that washing their toys frequently will prevent your little ones from getting sick, and it will also prevent your child’s immune system from weakening.


  • Create Storage Areas


Create a place for storing all of your children’s toys and teach them where to keep these after they play. One way to help your children store their toys properly is by placing photos or labels on boxes, shelves, or bins for your child to easily remember to return their toys after use.  


 photo courtesy of suburbansavingmama.com

photo courtesy of suburbansavingmama.com

  • Proper Inspection


Your children’s toys must be inspected regularly to make sure that they are clean and in good condition. Make sure that there are no removable parts missing so your children will not accidentally swallow and choke on these. For battery-operated toys such as the Whistlecopter and the Original Copter, occasionally check if these are still working so you can immediately change the batteries if necessary.


  • Cleaning Battery-Operated Toys


Electronic and battery-operated toys are becoming more popular these days and this is because of the advancement of technology. To make these kinds of toys last longer, make sure to properly care for these; so before cleaning a battery-operated toy like the Whistlecopter, the first and most important step is to press the button to make sure the light is off. This will disconnect the current going from the battery to the Whistle copter toy light and the same applies to the Original copter toy. All you have to do then is use a rag that has been soaked in a mixture of dishwashing soap and water; with these, simply wipe the surface of the toy while making sure that you do not leave a lot of excess water on the item since it can also damage the item.

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Disinfect the toy by wiping it with a paper towel or cloth rag that has been sprayed with the proper household disinfectant; after this, thoroughly wipe the toy’s surface with a wet rag that was soaked in clean water to remove disinfectant’s residue.


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