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Things to Do This Holiday Season

3118 day ago

The best and most amazing thing during holiday season – besides the gifts – is having the chance to have a memorable time with our beloved family and friends where we can show each one of them how much we appreciate them, as well as give them thanks.

In every family, holiday traditions are vital regardless of how you choose to celebrate; these moments provide significant lifelong memories that can be recalled by everyone in the family, and also, this is an opportunity to spend some quality time together without being disturbed by obligations and work. Here are some things you can do with your family this holiday season:

• Gelt Hunting

Gelt are small coins made of chocolate and are popular among children during a certain festivity called Hanukkah. Here, parents will hide the gelt all over the house then after, watch their little ones run all over the place to find the coins. Some families give out prices to those who find the most gelts while others ask the winner to offer up some of the coins for the family’s charity box.

Gold-Coin-Chocolates hype my
photo courtesy of hype.my

• Bake Sweet Treats

Who can turn down the sweet, delicious, and sugary treats Christmas offers? No one, because if there’s one thing everyone loves and enjoys during the holidays, it’s definitely the moment when you start making and decorating Christmas cookies and treats with the kids.

sweet daintyobsessions
photo courtesy of daintyobsessions.com

• Family Bonding with Original Copter Toys

Games are a lot of fun during the holiday season, but there is more fun when you play with Original Copter toys with your family this Christmas! The Original Copter has beautiful LED lights that are best seen and exhibited at night, and would actually be a really good view during the holiday season.

You can use these Original Copter and have them fly high at night so you and your family can see the lovely colors it shows off along with the other Christmas light displays; not only will you have a fun bonding time with your family while playing, but you can have a very fun, memorable and colorful Christmas with Original Copter and Original Copter toys!

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