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Outdoor Games You Can Play With Your Kids

3099 day ago

It doesn’t matter if the weather is warm or cold, you want your kids to play outside and have fun while getting enough exercise in the process. We have a variety of fun games that your kids and everyone else in the family can play – some old and new games that will surely be a hit for everyone who joins in.

• Tag
• Red Light, Green Light
• Tug of War
• Hopscotch
• Chinese Jump Rope
• Mother, May I?
• Simon says…

And a whole lot more. You can also have racing activities but with a twist by using your Original Copter by letting the toy fly while running after and catching your Original Copter . You can also have an outdoor laser tag by using your Original Copter Clownfish Bubble Gun instead of the common laser guns that everyone uses for this game. Since the Original Copter toy gives off bright LED lights, you can even play these outdoor games at night to see the amazingly bright lights of the Original Copter . This toy brings out a lot of enjoyment and amazement while your children run around excitedly; additionally, this will aid your kids to master hand coordination and control plus thinking and arithmetic skills at the same time.

boy spinning AMAZON-eBAY (2)

The Original Copter is one toy that is best played at night since it will allow you to see the bright LED lights that imitate the effects of lovely fireworks, and to add more to its amazing features, the Original Copter can be played with and enjoyed by the whole family while spending quality time together. To make things more fun, you can keep records and scores for your kids to beat the next time you decide to play these games; create opportunities and fun situations to have your kids compete against their personal best scores but not against each other to avoid arguments or fights.


Some of the games mentioned can be played indoors, but most of them are best played outside with a huge group of people. Additionally, these games can be improved by adding a new set of rules or by using your Original Copter toy while playing!

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