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Teaching Children the Meaning of Love

2665 day ago

Love is a necessary virtue for your children to learn when they start the journey of developing their character. Since they often hear “I love you”, they should also understand the actions and the feelings that are expressed to convey the same feelings. Now that Valentine’s Day is just around the corner, you can help them understand the idea of love since this is a great opportunity to do this.


Here are some ways to teach your children the meaning of love:

photo courtesy of blogspot.com

photo courtesy of blogspot.com

  • Model and teach your children good traits


Being a good role model you can teach your children traits such as friendship, generosity, love, and kindness; this is one of the most effective teaching strategies for children when it comes to helping them understand the meaning of love. You can express these by showing acceptance and tolerance; these equate to being a good friend that they can count on; this way, they will feel love and will eventually learn to do these for others as well.


  • Give Support


Even if you disagree with an idea that one of your family members would come up with, be supportive. You may open up to them and be honest about your opinion, but remind them that they can count on you no matter what. Be supportive while still providing guidance since this will make them feel more secure, which is also one of the things you have to build in the family for your children to understand love.

 photo courtesy of ecurrent.fit.edu

photo courtesy of ecurrent.fit.edu

  • Do acts of kindness


Showing kindness to others takes no effort – you may simply open and hold the door for them, help them carry something heavy, or surprise them with small gifts. These simple actions show that they’re surrounded with caring, loving, and welcoming people so eventually, they will  apply these traits and they will also do the same things for other people.


  • Show and Teach Respect


When someone does something for you, whether it’s big or small, giving thanks is necessary. Aside from showing respect, this also shows appreciation for their good deeds. Children will also follow your good example once they fully understand that these actions also equate to the meaning of love.


photo courtesy of goodtherapy.org

  • Let them know the silent love language


Let your children know that the good deeds they do for others, such as giving a blanket to their brother or sister who is feeling cold, are some of the simplest things in life that give love and happiness. Giving them knowledge about how loving actions have a great impact on others and will also develop their emotional intelligence.


  • Encourage giving and sharing


Involve your children when you’re deciding on something that is related to generosity. For example, you can ask your toddlers to help you pick out a birthday present and which might be best to give to a birthday celebrant you know. If you are giving something to another child, consider the Whistlecopter toys; these are among the coolest and most durable toys around, plus you can choose from a wide variety of choices so if you’re going to do this, ask your child to suggest which toys would be great as a gift. Eventually, they will understand that generosity also equates to love.

photo courtesy of simplebloomphoto.com

photo courtesy of simplebloomphoto.com

  • Allow them to lend you a hand


If they offer to participate in household chores, give them some tasks that they can do so they can feel that their contributions count, whether these are big or small. If your children are too young to help out, you can give them age-appropriate jobs such as tidying their things or washing some vegetables while you prepare the meals.


  • Let children do things for themselves


While it’s easy to show love by giving service, parents should also allow their children to do things on their own. We always think that doing more for them means showing more love, but in fact, we also have to teach them how to be independent so they can explore the world knowing the things that they should do. While this helps boost children’s self-confidence, it will also allow them to feel that they can occasionally help someone else and that this is a great act of love which is something that they can appreciate.

photo courtesy of media2.wnyc.org

photo courtesy of media2.wnyc.org

  • Playtime


Playing together is the best way to teach love to your children since this is how they develop social skills, while having fun, and they learn many new things as well. Siblings’ playtime tends to be disastrous at times, but they will eventually learn more if their playtime is accompanied by their parents. Since you are present, you can mediate these kinds of situations while having fun and developing a stronger family bond. So now have fun and play with the Whistlecopter toys together! Enjoy the view of the Original Copter’s beautiful lights once you launch them; these look like fireworks and UFO’s that will leave everyone in awe. They do not whistle on the way up as the Whistlecopter does but they are also less expensive.


Expressing and sharing love with your children are all important for a family’s emotional growth. For now, doing these things will only bring happiness to the family but as your children grow up, you will see that they will be taking these traits with them as they grow up and will share these traits with their own children one day.

Whistlecopter Look Great In The Snow

Whistlecopter Look Great In The Snow

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