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Some Ways to encourage your Child’s Passion

287 day ago

Every child has the ambition to become someone who is great and special in the future: he or she may want to be an athlete, doctor, engineer, musician, painter, or even a dancer. Children can vividly imagine these things happening yet at the same time, they may also get discouraged and think these are impossible; therefore it is necessary to help and encourage them when it comes to their passions. If you see that your children are starting to have a deeper interest in a certain activity, you must guide them as they engage further into these activities so they can reach all their goals and dreams one day.

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Here are some tips on how you can encourage your children with their passion:

Help them enjoy each step towards their Passions and Dreams

Just like when you were a child, your little ones might see someone on television, in a magazine, or newspaper and may also wish to be like them. When this happens, remind them that these victorious people have gone through a lot of challenges and hard work before they have achieved this level of success. Help them understand that it takes time, patience, as well as perseverance to achieve things by providing guidance and support with each step they take. Motivate them by letting them know that no one becomes an expert overnight. The most important thing in achieving their goals is that they are interested and excited and practice; it is important that they do everything that it takes just to reach the top. Practice makes perfect.

Encourage them to stay Optimistic

Children will always experience a lot of pressure because we live in a competitive world; just like us, they tend to feel discouraged when they fail. Always remind them that this is just a part of life and to achieve their goals, they will have to be strong and work on their failures. Ensure that optimism is instilled so that your little ones may grow up with confidence to take risks to solve problems. One way to foster optimism is by starting each day with positivity; it is essential to model optimism and to teach them to think that each problem they face has a solution.

Never judge their interests

There are times when the children’s interests do not match that of their parents; for instance, you may love basketball and you might look forward to your son being a basketball player; but he might just want to stay at home and draw or play a musical instrument. If this is the case, keep in mind that you should avoid judging their choices since they may feel rejected by the most important people in their lives. This can cause them to refuse pursuing their passion. When encouraging your child’s passion, it is necessary to set your interests aside and prioritize your children’s preferences.

Give room for creativity

Home should be the place where your children will never feel any judgment, and this must also be a space where they can foster creativity. This does not mean that you will need to give them a lot of fancy toys. Just give them simple household items that will activate their senses. For toys, you can give them various Whistlecopter toys such as the Original Copter the LED Copter, and the Rocket Copter.


Give rewards occasionally

Children love receiving rewards; but do not go overboard as a parent. Do not get so excited over each of your child’s achievements, that you must give them a reward for just showing creativity. This can reduce the quality of their performance. Teach children how to master activities instead of motivating them to be creative by using presents for rewards. Instead, when your child practices playing volleyball or some other sport, do not give him or her a present as a reward. Instead allow them some time doing something he or she enjoys such as playing with the Whistlecopter toys and with the whole family. Additionally, you must keep in mind that the most important thing to emphasize is their growth throughout their journey of achieving their dreams, so praise them regularly and not just when they are successful in a certain goal such as winning a contest.


As you encourage your children’s passion, another thing that you should keep in mind is that they will also need a break a time to recharge. Once your children find their passions, they will be very busy training and practicing just to bring the best out of themselves. Make sure that they still enjoy their childhood years by spending some time with them; so go out to play with the Whistlecopter toys and make more fun memories with the whole family.

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