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Outdoor Safety Tips for Children

2633 day ago

Now that it’s spring, the weather is warmer and children will go out more often to play. Outside, children will have a lot of fun enjoying their time with friends while also getting a lot of exercise and fresh air. However, accidents may happen when children play outdoors and in fact, more than 200,000 children are taken to emergency rooms yearly due to playground-related injuries. Aside from accidents, children are also exposed to various risks such as diseases and skin ailments.


Follow these safety guidelines to keep your children safe from injuries:


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  • Provide Adult Supervision


Children, especially the young ones, cannot foresee dangerous situations that may happen by themselves, which is why you must always supervise and watch your children when they play; if you cannot do this, assign a guardian or a nanny to supervise them. Having an adult around when your children play can help prevent accidents from happening since they can ensure that the children are safe while playing and they are not engaging in dangerous activities. If ever a child gets into an accident or gets injured, a present adult can administer first aid immediately.


  • Safety Tips for Riding Toys


For tricycles, bicycles, and other riding toys, make sure that your children wear their helmets and other safety gear such as elbow pads, knee pads, shin guards, and more; these are also necessary when children use skateboards and roller blades. Also, if the riding toys have safety straps make sure that these are all secure before the children proceed with playing; plus, also ensure that they know the basic bicycle handling skills especially if they are going to ride down the road. Also, remind them to look at where they are going since cars can come from every direction. If your children will use these kinds of ride-on toys, it is best to go to vehicle-free areas that are safe for everyone to avoid accidents from happening.


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  • Playground Safety


Playgrounds must always be checked before children go there to play so it is best to inspect and make sure that the playground equipment is not defective or damaged, worn, or have missing parts. Playground equipment with damages must be removed, repaired, or replaced immediately to avoid any injury; for the surfaces where playground equipment are placed, these sufaces should be soft and thick enough to lessen the impact if ever a child happens to fall. When your child plays on the playground, also check for rocks, tree stumps, tree roots, twisted metal, and broken glass scattered around which may cause them to slip etc. Whether you and your children are at a playground to play with the Whistlecopter toys or if your children are going to use the slides and other playground equipment, it is best to make sure that the area’s surface is safe and free from harmful debris so they can enjoy playing without getting injuries.


  • Sun Safety


In any season, most especially in summer, children must have protection to keep them safe from the sun’s harmful rays; according to the Skin Cancer Foundation, around 80% of one’s lifetime sun exposure comes from childhood days since this is the time when one plays a lot outdoors. To keep your children safe from skin conditions caused by UV rays, limit outdoor play between 10 in the morning and 4 in the afternoon since these are the hours when UV rays are strong. Always apply sunscreen 30 minutes before your child goes out to play; thoroughly spread the sunscreen on your child’s ears, nose, hands, feet, and behind the neck. Moreover, have them drink more water to prevent dehydration, and encourage them to wear loose, light-colored clothing on hot days.


If your children are going to play with the Whistlecopter toys, encourage them to play with these at night so they can avoid harmful UV rays, plus they can also see the amazing bright lights of the toy which are often mistaken for fireworks, UFO’s, and shooting stars.


  • Storm Safety


Bad weather, lightning, and thunderstorms are inevitable and sometimes, we cannot really anticipate if a storm is coming. Teach your children the things they must do if they get caught in a storm; some of these include going to a safe area and avoiding creeks, lakes, swimming pools, metal, trees, and tall towers.


Outdoor play is definitely the best for children since this is where they get physically active, make new friends, and learn about the world; it is also fun most especially if they play with the Whistlecopter toys. Your children will definitely enjoy playing with these toys when they are safe from harm and accidents, so follow these guidelines to give your children a fun-filled, accident-free playtime. This is also the best time to make your children understand that prevention is always better and accidents can be avoided to ensure that everyone is safe from harm.

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