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Kings, Princesses, Knights, and Original Copter Toys

3091 day ago

There are a lot of fun activities your kids can engage in; and with themed games such as Kings, Knights, and Princesses, your girls and boys will surely have a lot more fun when playing these games. Below are some really “fun-tastic” royal activities that will be enjoyable for young kings, knights, and princesses.

• The Royal Challenge

During the week, your children will become knights and princesses; every day, during their little meeting by their round table, crown the king, knight, and queen for the day. Provide them with simple privileges such as the queen is exempt from cleaning up, or the king may stay up during naptime, etc.

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• The Royal Relay

Let your boys and girls enjoy a royal relay race with knights and princesses; have the little girls line up as one team then the boys as another team, then place a princess and knight costume a few feet away from the two teams. At the beginning of the race, the first players should race to their costumes, wear them and then race back to their respective teams. The first players should remove their costumes and hand them over to the second players in line.

Once the second player wears the costume, they then have to run back and remove the costumes to place them again on the respective places; they will then run back to their teams and tag the third player who will rush towards the costume, wear them, then run back. The game will continue until all of the players in one team have worn the costume, and whoever does wins the game.

• Call to Arms

Gather all your knights, kings, and princesses to form a circle; arm them with foam swords and wands before tossing a couple of balloons up in the air to begin their challenge. Their task is to keep the balloons afloat using their swords and wands, and every second, have them widen the circle to add more balloons into their game.


To make their little royal activity more fun and realistic, it’s best to use Original Copter toys for your props. You can make use of the Original Copter LED Light Up Crowns to distinguish who the children are; blue for the kings, pink for the princesses, and the Original Copter Sword will be handed to the little young knights.

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