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Fun Games You Can Play in the Dark : Whistle Copter Original Copter Whistlecopter Led Copter Wholesale Led Slingshot Helicopter
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Fun Games You Can Play in the Dark

3141 day ago

There will always be something special and fun about playing night games. When it’s dark out, it’s the best time to play and spend time with your children and family. Here listed are some of the best outdoor games your kids can play in the dark.

• Tagging

Whoever is “it” must have a ; everyone playing should run away from the “it” while he or she counts from one to ten. Once done, the “it” tries to find everyone who is part of the game, and when you are spotted by the light, you will be caught. Whoever the last person to be spotted and tagged by the light is considered the winner, and the person tagged first will be the new “it”.

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• Ready… Set… Sardines!

This is based on the classic favorite, hide-and-seek – Sardines is a fun way to spend the evening with your friends where one person is in and finds a good place to hide while all the other players will count up to twenty with, of course, their eyes shut. When they’re done counting, everyone starts to search for the one hiding; every time the person hiding is found, each person must squeeze into the hiding spot without making any noise.

Remember, the first person who finds the one hiding will be the next person “in”, but beware, it can become very creepy when it’s completely dark and eerily quiet, then you’re the only one left standing and searching!

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• Original Copter Toys in the Dark

Playing with Original Copter toys in the evening or any dark place brings more fun for you and your children. The LED lights on the toys give off a good view, especially when played with at night. Have a little contest and see who can make the Original Copter fly the highest; additionally, you can use the Whistle copters to make playing even more fun and exciting for everyone.


Remember that safety is everyone’s priority, so make sure that your kids have set boundaries when playing outdoors; they should know that playing close to or on the roads are off limits, plus ensure that smaller children have buddies or partners to go assist them while playing. So head out and play with your children and enjoy a night outside with your family, and build fun and lasting memories for your children and everyone in the family.


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