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Fun Water Games and Toys for All

661 day ago

Getting out and playing under the sun this summer is fun and exciting for everyone! Besides being fun heading outdoors to play also has a lot of great benefits for you and your children. Aside from running around in your backyard or in the park, your little ones can definitely have more fun with some exciting water games and toys. Additionally, swimming is a great way to keep one’s body fit since it is a low-impact exercise that helps you relax at the same time.

scavenger hunt



Summer will not be complete if you and your little ones miss out on playing in the water, so to make the best out of everyone’s summer, here are some of the best water games that your children will surely love and enjoy.



Jump Water


Jump water is a fun water game that allows people to get a lot of exercise since the players will be encouraged to jump to win the game. To play this, run a strong stream back and forth using a garden hose and let the participants of the game jump over this. The player who doesn’t get his or her feet drenched wins. Invite more children to join the game to turn this into a fun competition.


inflatable water slides

Scavenger Hunt


Scavenger hunt is one of the best games to play on the ground and this can also be fun in the water. Throw several items such as a coin and pool rings in the pool and allow these to sink for the children to collect. Also, add light-colored ping pong balls to the scavenger hunt; although these float and are easy to get, ping pong balls are difficult to see which will also make the game more fun and challenging for the children. You may also choose to write numbers on the ping pong balls to give these point values or write the children’s initials on them so they can search for these. The one who is able to retrieve more items wins the game – the more items that are tossed in the pool, the more fun this game will be.


Shark in the Pool


Shark in the Pool is another version of tag where each of the participants are allowed to jump in and out of the water. The “shark it” will try to tag the other players when in the water, and once the shark gets to tag someone, this person will be the new shark it. Give the shark it a shark mask, fins, and also a snorkel to make the game even more fun; he or she can swim and act just like a shark when tagging the players. Remember that the players only have five seconds to stay out of the water. This is to give the shark it the chance to tag them.


Water Gun Tag


Make playing tag more fun, exciting, and with a twist by tagging each other with a cold squirt; the “it” gets the water gun and tags others by shooting water at them.

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Inflatable Water Slides


On a hot summer day, set an inflatable water slide in your backyard to allow your children to have fun as they cool off and beat the heat which is extremely important to prevent heat-related illnesses. These backyard water slides are easy to inflate and deflate plus they are also available in a variety of designs and sizes. Some types also feature sprinkling water to have more fun and excitement for children; however, when purchasing inflatable water slides, always choose those that are made from high-quality and durable materials to ensure the safety of your children playing in these.

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