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Best Slumber Party Tips for Girls : Whistle Copter Original Copter Whistlecopter Led Copter Wholesale Led Slingshot Helicopter
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Best Slumber Party Tips for Girls

3094 day ago

If you want your teen girls and tweens to enjoy their party, you might as well prepare a slumber party for them since this is one of the favorites of girls around this age. You can get really creative when coming up with themes for the party, so here are a few party tips that you can incorporate to make things more fun for the girls:


  • Invitation Ideas

Sending out creative and cute slumber party invitations to friends is really easy, and if you can’t find great looking ones in stores that have random designs like little pillows, or sleeping bags, you might as well make your own set of invitations which will be better and more personal.


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If you’re making the invitations yourself, search for nice cut-outs or clip arts from magazines then stick them to colorful blank cards that you will be using.


  • Special Slumber Party Memorabilia

When all of your teens’ friends are present, hand them little bags filled with different types of cologne, powder, and other toiletries that they’d be glad to receive. You can also buy shirts that are inexpensive and write different kinds of messages on them using glow in the dark, or glitter paint that is made for cloth; these being interesting and fun items that the girls will remember once the party’s over. Before the party, make sure to have washed the shirts so your teens and their friends can wear them during their little event.

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  • Glow in the Dark

If your kids have the shirts with glow in the dark messages, this specific theme will be perfect for them. Turn out the lights and bring out some glow sticks to light up the room, plus your teens and their friends can even play by adding some glow in the dark nail polish too which will be nice once the lights go out. One thing they can play with is the Original Copter toy since these light up perfectly in the dark since the LED lights beautifully and makes for the perfect toys for a glow in the dark slumber party.


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