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Ways to Help Kids Deal with Anger

2987 day ago

Like adults, children get angry too, and because of their lack of experience when it comes to handling their emotions during these situations, kids end up having difficulties when it comes to dealing with anger and self-control. Your actions will greatly help your kids learn how to have self-control and how to deal with these types of frustrations; if they live in a home where shouting, hitting and saying foul words is acceptable, they will copy these actions and behavior from those people surrounding them.

So how do you think you can help your children deal with anger? Here are a few tips on how to do this:


  • Start Within

If you usually yell at your children for any reason, you are being their ‘role model’ and the behavior you show will eventually be copied by your children. It can be difficult on your part to stop yourself from yelling, and if you givein to this, don’t expect your children to relax and have self-control when it comes to dealing with their own anger. Remember, your kids watch and learn from you when it comes to handling conflicts, disagreements, and other similar situations.



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  • Teach them Proper Ways to Manage their Anger

It is necessary for kids to learn how to appropriately deal with anger; instead of just telling them “Don’t hit your sister”, tell them what they can do when they feel frustrated. When ‘time out’ is utilized for disciplining your kids instead of punishment, they will eventually learn to take a break on their own when they feel angered or frustrated and it will eventually let them relax and calm down.




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Your kids can also benefit from learning how to cope with things – teach them how to take a break when they get frustrated or angry, then show them how to relax by doing something enjoyable and fun like engaging in different relaxing activities such as playing with their Original Copter toys which can greatly help them deal with their anger and eventually calm down during the situation.



  • Know the Difference Between Behavior and Feelings

the difference between aggressive behavior and angry feelings, so it’s best to teach them about feelings so they can easily learn how to verbalize their frustrations, anger, and disappointment. Most of the times, feelings such as hurt or sadness are concealed by aggressive behavior, so it’s best to teach your kids how to determine and verbalize their feelings instead of acting them out in a harsh manner.


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