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Ways to Develop Your Child’s Coping Skills

1781 day ago

Problems are a normal occurrence in life so a lot of families face certain situations that, despite all the efforts, can’t be fixed. Developing good coping skills is one way to allow us to identify the actual solutions to our problems. This also helps us learn to accept the things that are beyond our control, despite the problem being present. Besides, coping skills also make families stronger; plus, this helps children learn how to progress through life. Instead of reassuring them that everything will be fine, it is better if you pay attention to their problems and demonstrate ways to cope with stress. This way, they will eventually learn how to handle situations and instill these habits as they grow up. Helping your little ones practice coping skills will allow them to confidently face their challenges in the future. Coping skills help strengthen one’s mental health and well-being not only for the present, but also for the future.

Below are the best ways to develop your child’s coping skills:






Talk it Out

Strong emotions can scare children and can fuel negative reactions. If your children are able to talk about what they feel and what causes it, it will be easier for them to manage their emotions. If you notice that they are upset, ask them leading questions such as “How are you feeling?”; you can also help them describe what they feel if they cannot find the answer to your question.

Next, you can ask what they think is the cause of their feelings? Help them recall the happenings before they felt upset. Analyze the situation then help them understand the situation and look at a different perspective. If your little ones find it difficult to express themselves through words, it may be challenging for them to talk about feelings. If this is the case, you can follow some steps in observing your children which will allow you to have a better understanding of your children’s feelings and the things they go through.


Demonstrate Ways to Cope with Situations

When you want your children to learn something, being a role model is the best teaching method. Show them what you do to relax when you experience stress; you may consider teaching them breathing exercises or help them find coping techniques that might be effective. Remember that everyone is different and each of your children will also have their own ways to deal with stress.

Some will also need more time to learn this, while others will learn faster. Some tips you can teach your child when they experience stress include; counting to ten, jumping on a trampoline, visiting a quiet place, taking deep breaths, and playing with toys.


Give Your Full Attention and Be Understanding

When your children feel emotional, they might need someone to talk to and this means they need someone to listen to them. When this happens, don’t just be physically present; listen to them carefully and listen to what they have to say. Focus on them and refrain from checking your messages or opening bills. If they see that you are distracted, they will feel more out of control and this will not help them learn how to handle their situation.


Break Things Down into Smaller Tasks

If your children are getting stressed, this may be about achieving a certain goal. It may be overwhelming for them to tackle everything all at once. So help them break things down into smaller steps so they can slowly face their fears. You can assist them in planning the steps that will lead them to reach their goals. Eventually, they will learn that this is one way to cope with a situation.


Ensure that Everyone is Healthy

Paying attention to the physical and mental needs of everyone in the family is essential. Ensure that everyone is eating healthy, having enough sleep, physical activity, and social engagement. A lot of adults deal with stress in different ways such as hitting the gym, or engaging in sports. These are also effective coping techniques for children and teenagers. Exercise releases hormones in the brain that helps lessen stress while giving you a break from focusing on your problems. Additionally, being physically healthy also leads to being mentally healthy, thus allowing one to have the ability to cope with stressful situations.



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