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Original Copter Top notch toy manufacturer in florida

3228 day ago

Original Copter is the leading manufacturer of light-up toys that use LED lights to provide interesting illumination. The use of LED light bulbs however isn’t a new thing. LED bulbs have been used for a number of decades now in all sorts of applications from home lighting to watches and from toys to televisions. They are cheap to run, last a very long time and provide plenty of light, considering the small size of the bulbs.

Original Copter toys make the most of LEDs, with different color copters offering you the opportunity to make your own light shows in the sky. One of our newest toys, the gorgeous light show is a spinning ball of light that lets you create a fun light display in low light levels. It’s great for children to play with and is safe to use.

The Whistlecopter and Original Copter are our best selling products. You use a slingshot launcher to launch these plastic copters in the air, and they are well illuminated with the use of LED bulbs. The bulbs are powered with battery packs, which can be replaced when they run flat. When you launch the genuine Whistlecopter in the air, you’ll hear a soft whistle sound as it climbs higher. This sounds like fireworks in the sky. The Original Copter doesn’t have this feature, but if you’d rather not have the noise, this can be a better option. Both the Original Copter and the Whistle copter give out a bright illumination as they float back down to the ground, and you are bound to be the envy of your friends, regardless of which one you choose.

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