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How we can Raise Children That Are Happier

62 day ago

We all want to do the best for our children – we want them to grow up giving and receiving love, following their dreams, and fulfilling their achievements. Basically, we just want our little ones to be happy as they grow, but how much can we even attempt to control this?

Promoting a happy and positive mindset is essential to increasing children’s happiness. The things that we pay attention to directly affect our happiness since these determine how we interpret and remember information afterwards. All parents want their little ones and older children to grow up loving life but we often do not know how to achieve this.


Here are some tips on how to raise more joyful children:






First, Are You a Happy Person if not Make Yourself Happy

The first step to raising happier children is to make yourself happy. Although this may sound ironic, your happiness directly affects how happy and successful your little ones are. Extensive research shows that there is a substantial link between depressed mothers and their children who have behavioural problems. This is because parental depression makes parenting less effective. This is why it is best for you to have some time for yourself and bond with your friends every week and enjoy this gift of breath every moment as much as possible.






Teach  Little Ones Gratitude and Love for themselves and others

Teach your children to appreciate the everyday wonders of life by taking a moment to express thanks. Whether it is watching the sunset, playing together in your backyard, or even picking fresh strawberries. Your children will follow your example if they see you expressing gratitude often they will also follow in your footsteps and do the same. Start off with being grateful for the miracle of each breath which without; none of the other petty grievances matter!! Studies also show that parents who show gratitude will raise more enthusiastic and joyful children.





Allow for Success as well as some Failure

When it comes to boosting your children’s self-esteem, you must pay less attention to giving compliments and instead, provide them with opportunities to learn new things. Mastery is what really builds one’s self-esteem, not the praises; remember, one of the greatest mistakes parents make is doing too much for their children.









Sing to Your Children

Babies already recognize their parents’ voices even in their mother’s womb. This is why they say that singing to children strengthens parental bonds. In fact, there are great benefits to this. Research has shown that singing also keeps babies calm twice as much as talking to them – great news for all the singing mothers out there. Another study states that when children hear their mother’s voices, their pro-social responses are triggered. Based on this study, psychiatrists discovered that the strength of a child’s neurological response to their mother predicts their skills in social communication; for children, hearing their mother’s voice is also an essential source of emotional comfort.



Make them Feel Dependable

One’s happiness highly depends on the feeling of being valued by others especially when it comes to the things we do. Without that feeling, people always worry about being excluded from the group. Research also shows that exclusion is one of the things that people fear the most. So to sum it up, people naturally want to be needed by others. So if you show your children that they are making a unique contribution to the family, he or she will have more sense of self-worth as well as happiness in their life.


Children as young as 3 can already be assigned simple responsibilities such as refilling the food and water bowls of pets, or setting out the napkins and utensils during mealtime. As long as you acknowledge them for their contributions to the family, they will also develop increased confidence and a sense of connection and self worth – two things that lead to happiness.






Spending  More Time with your Children is One basic Key to their Happiness

Studies have shown that the children of busy parents are often unhappy. This is because they don’t get enough quality time with them. New toys, presents, and other items can only give them temporary happiness and these cannot compensate for the quality time that parents fail to give them. Instead of spending on material things, allot some time for your children and ensure that both of you do not have distractions when you spend time together.







Run Around and Play with Them

According to research, physically active mothers have active school-aged children. Their children also presumably have better health outcomes compared to their less active peers. This is because there is a direct relationship between physical activity in children and their mothers .This means that children are more active if their mother is also active. Additionally, having exercise also releases happy hormones called endorphins which are why children get happier when you play with them since they are able to spend quality time with you.









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