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How to teach your Kids to be Generous

3045 day ago

All parents want to encourage and teach their kids to be generous while also considering the needs of other individuals. It isn’t as easy as sharing a few coins for charity collection, but they will need to invest in a good amount of time and energy to learn how to do this wholeheartedly.

It’s not as difficult as you think, and by considering these few important things, you can easily teach your kids how to be generous:


Teach them the Meaning and Importance of Sharing

It’s best that you teach your kids the importance of sharing, and one easy way to educate them about this is by explaining to them that‘sharing’ is the process of giving or dividing tangible things with their friends like splitting a large piece of cake and sharing it with them or letting their friends play with a specific toy after some time. These little gestures of sharing can help teach your kids understand the importance and meaning of pure generosity.

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Teach the Kids how to Serve

Your kids can also learn how to be generous by serving those people who are less fortunate; usually, it’s during Christmas when such service projects are common, but you and your family can actually volunteer anytime to serve meals at some rescue mission and share the blessings that you have with others. Your kids can do simple things such as donating their old toys to the less fortunate kids out there, and they will surely understand the importance of sharing once they see the smiles on these kids’ faces.

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After the good deed, you can actually reward your kids with a new Original Copter toy which will make them proud of themselves for doing a great job at being generous.


Sharing can be Temporary

Sometimes, kids don’t want to share or be generous because they think that they can never get their things back once they share it; explain to them that lending their Original Copter toysto a friend will only last a short time since they will still get it back after. Explain that their friend will not take away the toy, but is simply borrowing it for the meantime as they play together. Invite a lot of their friends over and allow your kids to share their toys with them, then with a timer, have all of them take turns with the toys so everyone can get the chance to play while teaching them the importance of sharing and generosity.




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