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Helping Your Children Adjust to School

1347 day ago

For many children, going to school for the very first time is a big deal. Some may be excited – something most parents commonly expect. However, others may start with tears or a stomach ache. Keep in mind that they aren’t faking these just so they can miss school. Anxiety really affects the body and for children, this usually results in an upset stomach. It’s also not unusual for children to need some help when starting school.


Here are some tips that you can do to help your little ones avoid the tension and anxiety when it comes to starting school:

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Create Easy Household Routines

Getting your child ready for school really starts at home. This is why it’s necessary to have a consistent household routine that will not cause too much stress on your little ones. This should begin with calm mornings and early bedtimes. If waking them up is a daily struggle, this means that they are not getting enough sleep. This will make them restless and frustrated in the morning. This may cause possible tantrums on the way to school. On a daily basis, make sure your children get sufficient amounts of sleep. Also ensure that they go to bed and wake up at the same time constantly.



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Be at the School Gate before the Day’s Last Bell Rings

Being at the school gate to pick your children up by their dismissal time is a really important point. If you’re not there after they leave their classrooms, they will start to feel anxious and worry if you aren’t there to pick them up. Even if you know that you won’t leave them, this will not stop your children from thinking this way. This is something really important since it is most likely the first time you’ve dropped them off and left them somewhere.


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Make a Smooth Transition By Reassuring them

Another way to help your children adjust to school is by making things easier for them. Have a familiar goodbye before they head off to school. This could involve reassuring them that everything will be fine and that you’ll pick them up after class. If this doesn’t help, consult their teacher and find out if they can do something to help. Teachers may give your child something to do to distract them from separation anxiety.



Big Hugs



Encourage Bonding with Other Children Is Essential

We all need friends. On the first day of school, it is really necessary for children to feel bonded with at least one of their classmates. This will make them feel more comfortable and less nervous. Ask the teachers if they have noticed who your children have hung out with. Also, ask your children who among their classmates they’d like to invite over to play.


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Don’t Disregard your Children’s Worries

Dismissing your children’s worries about school is easy for a lot of parents. Before you dismiss their worries, think well and find out why they have those feelings. This could be caused by being separated from each other and going to a new environment. Sometimes, their worries may also be caused by something more than just getting separated. You have to show that you’re ready to help them anytime by listening to what they have to say; from there, you can determine what causes their worries.



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Replace Tears with Smiles and Laughter.

One of the best ways to alleviate your children’s anxiety is to laugh together. Laughter is a great way to release feelings so give them a lot of reasons to giggle. Tell them a joke or play a silly game to help take their minds off their worries. However, the only exception to this is tickling since this can cause stress hormones to build up. Instead, you can have a pillow fight to help them giggle and release their energy.






Spend Some Time With your Little Ones after School

When your children are back from school, it is important to spend some time with them. Snuggle on the couch for several minutes and watch TV together, or talk about each other’s day. No matter what you do, give them undivided attention when you get home. After all, it’s their first time to get separated from you for a longer period of time. This makes it a great time for you to catch up.



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