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dad & child walking

Great Ways to Empower your Children

2329 day ago
 Each child has a hidden greatness within them. To bring this out, takes a lot of time, effort, and patience to nurture and empower them. In fact, learning how to empower children is not complex. What makes it difficult is the effort you will need. As John Legend said, “You just have this little human that’s a product of yours and your partner’s love. I think that’s really incredible to see ourselves reflected in our little child that we get to raise and teach and nurture, and I’m excited to do that.” Just like him, if you have enough commitment and eagerness to accomplish the goal of nurturing and raising your children, you can also successfully empower them.


All children also want to believe that their biggest dreams will come true. It is your task to support and help them believe that they can achieve anything. Here are a few great ways you can empower your children.


John Legend

John Legend

Make them know their Significance

Your words will always be more powerful than you will ever know, so use this to your advantage. Some of those times are at bedtime, while you are driving your children to school, when you walk home after playing with the Whistlecopter toys in the park, or other times when it’s possible for you to have a serious talk with them. During these times, remind them about how special and important they are and as they become more aware of their strengths, they will eventually believe in themselves more.


dad & child walking

dad & child walking

Allow them to make their own Decisions

As a parent, it can be very difficult for you to leave decisions up to your children; however, this is the only way for them to learn how to think before doing anything. Once they’re in college, you cannot be by their side at all times just to tell them simple things such as to always eat a healthy breakfast and wear a sweater when it’s cold outside. You can guide them especially when it comes to big decisions, but you can leave small ones to them so they can also experience dealing with consequences. This will allow them to have an idea of cause and effect and eventually, they will learn how to control this.


Family bonding

Family bonding

Know how to communicate with your child with their “love language”

Everyone has different ways of expressing and receiving love and this is called “love language”. Having knowledge  how your children receive love will allow you to easily show how important they are  to you. Some may enjoy getting a lot of hugs, while some need to hear the words “I love you” often; others can feel your love when you say positive things about them. Understand each of your children’s love language by observing them and spending a lot of time with them: go out, eat together, play with the Whistlecopter toys and spend some quality time with each other. Explore new things, and make some memorable experiences together. Once you successfully express your love using the right love language for them, they will definitely feel happier and more fulfilled.



photo courtesy of childrenandnature.org

Teach them respect

Respect is one of the great things that will empower your children. This is why it is essential for them to have respect for themselves as well as for others. This will give them the upper hand and the confidence when they do things since they won’t be easily influenced by others to make a decision that will end up with a negative result. Instead, they will stand out in the crowd since they are aware and careful of how their actions affect others.


happy bonding

happy bonding

Teach them how to be grateful

Among all the values you will have to instill in your children, gratitude is one of the most important things they should learn. If you compare the older generation to that of today, you can see that the newer generation lacks a sense of gratitude. People will always remember that you appreciate something they do when you thank them, and in fact, seeing you being thankful makes them happy. This is something that you should let your children know, and also, remind them that being grateful for everything is the perfect way to keep good things happening. Help your children think of the simplest things they can be thankful for: this may be getting some help from a classmate, spending some time playing with the Whistlecopter toy’s either with the family or with their friends, or simply for waking up and being alive today.

Children will be empowered especially if you let them feel that your love for them is unconditional since they know that they can get the most love and support from their parents. One way to show that you cherish your children is to allow them to be with you despite your busy schedule and spend some time with them by playing with the Whistlecopter toys. You will all definitely enjoy playing with the amazing Bubble Gun, LED Copter, and Rocket Copter since these look like fireworks in the sky.

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