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Fun Party Ideas for Kids

3083 day ago

We all have different ideas when it comes to children’s parties; some want it simple, elegant, fancy, and some prefer themed parties instead. To give you a few tips on how to make your kids’ event fun and exciting, here are a few fun ideas that will go perfectly for your children’s party.

Birthday-party-ideas-for-11-12-year-old-Tweens(photo courtesy of birthdayinspire.com)

• Jungle Safari

An all animal themed party can be a good idea for toddlers or kids under 6 years since it’s probably the best time to dress children up in different types of animal costumes. Talk to the people who will be attending the party then try to create a list of animal costumes the children can dress up as; this will create a complete set of different types of animals from Africa, Asia, and even various sea creatures. For those children attending the party without costumes, prepare various animal designed headdresses which they can use as they enjoy the party.

• Heroes’ Party

Let your children be the mini versions of your favorite heroes; if you want to avoid seeing a lot of tiny Spidermen or Supermen running around the place, have some variety by suggesting a few other heroes from a list people can choose from.

You can also design the food being served by making them match with the heroes’ party theme like making spider web cupcakes and the like. Also, you can decorate the place using curtains with bat shadow designs, superhero masks, or any other creative adornments to excite your tiny audiences. You can also have them play with toys like Original Copter Clown Fish Bubble Gun which can shoot hundreds of bubbles in a single trigger while some cool lights too.

• Carnival Party

This type of party is best for children ages 10 and above, however, this specific theme may take up a lot of your time as the preparation starts. There will be a lot of decorations required for this party but it will surely be a definite delight to everyone attending the party; think of activities that everyone can simultaneously engage in, hire clowns and other types of mascots to make the experience more realistic.

• Princesses and Kings

This is probably one of the most common and loved themes for parties. Children enjoy dressing up as princesses and princes, as well as kings and queens since it gives them that magical feeling of being in a fairytale of some sort. For this type of party, it’s best to have a venue to make it more realistic; setup the party in a place that looks like an old ballroom hall which you can redesign to make it look like a castle’s dance area.

In addition, you can search for a venue that’s readily designed like a castle and to make it even more fun, you can prepare our colorful Original Copter Crowns, which you can label with princess, king, or anything else you want to have labeled! These glow crowns have LED lights with several patterns that will easily attract you and your kids; you can get these cool items for just $5 per piece which can also be a great giveaway for your party.

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