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Celebrate the New Year with Family and Whistlecopter : Whistle Copter Original Copter Whistlecopter Led Copter Wholesale Led Slingshot Helicopter
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Celebrate the New Year with Family and Whistlecopter

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During New Year’s Eve whether the weather is nice or chilly, there are a lot of people who go out and party to celebrate the coming New Year; however, a lot of us also choose to stay home and celebrate a nice, cozy, and heartfelt moment with the whole family as the New Year approaches.


We cannot deny that New Year’s Eve is one of the best times to play, enjoy, and spend some quality time together; you can either watch a good movie with the family, create sweet treats for everyone to indulge in, or have some fun games together with the awesome Whistlecopter toys. They look like FIREWORKS in the sky. With that, here are some of the best ways to celebrate the incoming New Year with your children, family, and friends.

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  • Word Guessing


Write any word you want on 100 index cards then divide the players into two groups; after this, have all of the players seated across from each other to begin the game. Set the timer for a minute then have one player from the first team draw a card, letting his or her teammates guess the word written on the card while giving out clues. One of the team’s members should be able to answer before the timer ends to get a point; once the timer ends, the second team will be given the a chance to guess. The team that gets the highest score will be the winner and one of the best prizes for games such as these is the amazing Arrow Copter or Rocket Copter from Whistlecopter.


  • Create New Year Crackers


Call the children to gather for craft time to make the New Year celebration more colorful and fun; gather some art materials or any materials that you can use such as tissue paper rolls, treats, wrapping paper and other various supplies that you can find around the house. This will allow the children to bring out their creativity and when they’re done, you’ll also have adorable holiday crackers for the New Year.

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  • Guess the Resolutions


You, your family, and your guests can play the game of guessing the resolutions: everyone should write down, on their own piece of paper, their New Year’s resolution that they plan to achieve for the incoming year. When everyone is done writing, place all the pieces of paper in a basket or jar before taking one sheet, reading it out loud for everyone to guess who wrote the resolution. After the guessing game, give a prize to the one who got the most correct answers; the Original Copter is a great item to give for party games since these are affordable, durable, easy to carry, and these also looks like fireworks in the sky and light up and certainly are lots of fun and affordable.


  • Watch the Fireworks Display


Celebrate the incoming New Year with a blast and see the beautiful fireworks display together with your family and friends. Check out where the firework display events will be hosted in your city and welcome 2017 with great company, some sparklers for the children, plus a stunning fireworks display show. Just before the Fireworks create your own FIREWORKS display with the WHISTLECOPTER whistles on the way up or ORIGINALCOPTER.

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  • Go Skating


If you plan to be more active on New Year’s Eve, gather the children and head to the local skating rink since a lot of cities hold yearly skating parties on the 31st of December. You may also check out the schedule of other family-friendly events that will be hosted in your city or town. Our Whistlecopter looks amazing in the snow!


  • Set up a Photo Booth


Visit your local art supply shop and purchase a roll of white craft paper or any other bright color of your choice. This will be the background of your photo booth that you and your kids may draw or paint on. Look around your house for things you can use as props or purchase a pack of coffee stirrers that you can use to create stick cut out mustaches for your photo booth props! You can also download a photo booth app on your phone and make some funny faces with your family and friends!

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  • Launch the Original Copter


If you want to make your own fireworks, you can have everyone in the family, your friends, and your guests launch their Original Copter. These are cool toys that flash beautifully with LED lights that look just like fireworks once launched in the air. These amazing toys can also reach a maximum height of two hundred feet, which makes it even better for the New Year without the risk of getting hurt. If you’re hosting a big party, take advantage of the Original Copter wholesale so all your guests can enjoy playing with these amazing toys.

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Happy New Year 2017 From Whistlecopter

Happy New Year 2017 From Whistlecopter

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