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3269 day ago

Original Copter is the best micro flying copter on the market.  You can find cheap copies, but don’t be fooled by the price tag.  Original Copter led copters are made from the best quality plastic, ensuring that the toy will hardly ever break.

The wings on some copies flap in the wind as they are in the air, meaning that they don’t fly as they should.  This can result in the imitation copters falling to the ground in an erratic manner, ungracefully and can even cause the toy to break as it lands.   Genuine Original Copter wings are designed to crease in only one place, and to maintain that same crease, which means that unless the wings break from wear and tear, you will not experience any problems with the flight of your genuine Original Copter toy.  The flight will always be smooth and you will be able to watch as your Original Copter glides gracefully in the air and into your hand so that you can catch it rather than allowing it to hit the ground and risking damage.

When you purchase an imitation Original Copter , you could experience other problems too.  Only the original Original Copter have the best quality and longest elastic bands that will ensure that your toy flies high into the air.  Beware of copies as these  copters snap, flap back towards you or not launch as high in the sky as the original .  You could face the added expense of having to replace the slingshot or elastic band on copies.  With the original

Original Copter, you will receive the best quality slingshot as our launchers are made from strong plastic and feature a design that ensures that the Original Copter will not get caught as it launches.  The elastic bands are extra long too so you need to put only a little effort into launching the Original Copter.

In addition, you can purchase replacement battery packs, replacement wings and elastic bands so you can use your Original Copter over and over again without having to replace the whole unit unnecessarily. Most of the copies or knockoffs cannot have the battery replaced. While we can assure you that your Original Copter will be made from the highest quality parts, we can also assure you that you’ll want to use your Original Copter over and over again, which in time will cause wear and tear for your Original Copter .  Having access to these vital parts will allow you to repair your own Original Copter and use it for even longer.

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